Thursday, September 18, 2008

Renee's Melodramatic Love Poetry

Inspired by Kiersten and Writtenwyrdd, who both posted some of their older writing on their blogs, I thought, what the heck?
I'll give only one disclaimer: I was in High School when I wrote this poem. I urge you, gentle reader, to remember the passionate emotions of those times. Remember and be merciful.


To you, I bring the ripeness
of my everything,
which has hung from the branches of my heart,
heavy with longing.

For you, I give the deserts
in my hourglass of time.
The beginning and the end, as long as you will hold in your hands,
it's simple grayness.

Before you, I will lay my arms
full up with all my dreams.
My dreams, so wild and colored.
Those are dear to me,
For they have stayed with me the longest,
resting in my eyes and on my skin.

But, I will give you this,
and everything.
For in return, you give me
the everything
that swims in the stars
and waltzes on the moon,
that laughs with the wind.


Kiersten said...

Ha! Oh, wonderful, wonderful stuff. I love high school poetry. It's SO DEEP.

Some of the imagery is actually nice, though ; )

Renee Collins said...

Isn't it hilarious to look back at the guys we wrote this stuff for? It's like, SERIOUSLY?

Natalie said...

My heart has been warmed like it's been cooked in the oven of love.

You are bold, miss. I enjoyed the trip back to my days as a closet poet.

So, so sorry all my poems died with an old computer. I would love to share.

Renee Collins said...

Aw, that's too bad Natalie.

I lost my memory box during a move to a new apartment in college. Inside it, among many things that I am devestated to have lost, were some very hilarious love letters exchanged between me and one of my old boyfriends (not the one this poem was written to.)

Anyway, I still feel sad that I lost them, if only for the lost chance to go back to and have a good laugh.

Joanne said...

It works, bringing you back to a time and place in youth. And hey, those words all led you here, right? :)

Terri Tiffany said...

Hey Renee, You wrote better poetry then than I ever have!!
Great to see that you will be searching for an agent to submit to next week!!

Renee Collins said...

Joanne, it's true. I tend to be a very melodramatic person by nature, and I think I had to write a few dozen over the top poems to get it out of my system. :)

And, thanks Terri, you're very generous.

I am getting very nervous/excited about the whole submitting process. I feel a little like I'm standing on the high dive at the pool, staring down into the water. I suppose there is nothing to do at this point but take the plunge.

Never Settle said...

It's amazing to look back at what inspired us and especially to see how far we've come!

All of this posting of old writings has inspired me to dig out my old stories, poems and sketches to share. :o)

I think I'll get busy with that as soon as some of these kids go home! (Right now, I have nine children- including three of my own- over for a birthday sleepover. Fun, fun and busy, busy!)

Renee Collins said...

never settle, I am totally going to check for it! :) It's always fun to see.

Good luck with the sleepover. Mine are still too young for those, and that's just fine with me.