Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Are you a Beta Waita?

So, I recently finished the rough draft of my WiP. (YAYYYYYYY!) I spent a few days on that delicious, unmatched high that comes with completing a novel. The joy! The relief! The sense of accomplishment! The promise of possibility!

Ah, if only it lasted. Alas, that rush doesn't hold on long. Why, you may ask? Because after a short edit, I sent my baby off to beta readers.

Don't get me wrong, my beta readers are FABULOUS. I love each and every one of them. But still, I find myself struggling as I become the dreaded Beta Waita. (Or Beta Waiter, as in one who is waiting on betas. I know, I know, my cheesy slang is confusing.)

It's kind of terrifying. I mean, they're actually reading my book!! And they're gonna think things about it! And they're gonna read that one scene that isn't so tight! And they might think it's LAME! Or they might say they like it, but SECRETLY think it's lame!

Is your book with beta readers right now? If so, here's a helpful list of things you can do to pass the time!

1. Rock back and forth, alone with your thoughts.
Family Guy: Stewie rocking back and forth

2. Consume calories.

3. Crying always helps.

I'm so helpful, right?? No need to thank me. Giving back is just my nature.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Jenn Party!


Jenn's book just sold in ITALY as well!!! Molto bene! If I were in Utah, I would take her to Olive Garden to celebrate. Hmmm . . . maybe I will just go to Olive Garden here, and think of Jenn. Yes, that's a good plan. :)


Guys, by now you should know that I am a Slacker Blogger in the extreme. But today, I am going to out do myself in slackerly ways.

So, I have this fantabulous friend named Jenn (or J.R Johannson as she's known online,) and she wrote this AMAZING and SCARY book called INSOMNIA. I got to read it before it was unleashed onto the hungry publishing world, and man, did I SO call it that she was going to sell.

Well, sure enough: SHE DID!!! AT AUCTION!!

Here's the problem. This happened a couple weeks ago, and I've been totally planning to write a YAY JENN post on my blog. But as I pointed out at the start of this post, I am clearly a slacker.

So, here's my post, but I'm not just going to be a slacker by putting it up late. Oh no. I can go much worse. I'm going to surpass own slackerishness by actually just sending you to my friend Candice's blog. She wrote a hilarious YAY JENN post, and I thought, "You know, that's much better than I can do, so why try?"

Therefore, GO HERE! And celebrate Jenn's triumph (and Candice's sense of humor.)

YAY for slacking! And YAY FOR JENN!!!