Thursday, October 2, 2008

Syn-"oh snap"-sis

Well, it's been a productive few days of not tinkering with my story. I've tinkered with the synopsis instead. And it really is as hard as they say. I think my first draft came out at 2000 words, and I thought I was being as spare as I could be.

However, I've finally gotten it down to 850 words. (holla!)So, thanks again to Natalie and others who helped.


Natalie said...

Okay, deary, I'm gonna copy/paste this into word and get back to you:) Go you for tackling the beast!

Kiersten said...

Either you have the worst timing in the world, and only do queries/synopses when I have migraines, or your energy wavelengths travel across the country and give me migraines whenever you do these things.

Seriously, what's up with our timing? But Natalie's better at these, anyway.

Renee Collins said...

Ah, Natalie, you are the greatest! I'm going to check that out right now.

And, Kiersten just don't worry about. I think I do have toxic energy wavelengths, because whenever I am really into my work, the kids both go balistic. Like dogs before an earthquake.

Renee Collins said...

A message to all: NATALIE ROCKS!!

I have dubbed her the Condenser Queen.

Queen Concise!


Okay . . . I'll stop gushing now, but Natalie, I really am greatful. I used every single one of your changes because they were brilliant. :)

Natalie said...

Ha, love you Renee. I'm glad it helped. And thanks for all the praise—I was a trained CONDENSANTATOR in college (aka Layout Editor).

Cut cut cut, snip snip snip. Hehe.