Saturday, October 4, 2008

Inspired by the Condensanator

So, now that my synopsis is where I want it to be, I have begun work on . . .

**timpanis pounding**


I was actually quite inspired by the exercise of forcing myself to cut down the synopsis. It really stretched by comfort level (in a good way) to have to stare at a sentence, even a word, and say, "Do I really need that?"

I've been trying to look at my manuscript that way. My final word count was 77,500 words. I am giving myself the challenge to cut that down a few thousand words.
*dabs sweat away from forehead*
It won't be easy, but I think my story will be better for it. Oh, and here's the kicker: My goal is to finish that THIS WEEKEND.


Natalie said...

Good Luck, Renee! Just remember it's okay if you don't get to 70K; you aren't in anyway over a word count here. You are well withing YA standards:)

Kiersten said...


I'm so proud of you, Renee (wipes a tear away from her MoMo eye...)

Renee Collins said...

Thanks guys. :) I'm pretty excited. I just need to focus for now, and then, when the time comes, I need to just DO IT!

Joanne said...

Good luck. It sounds like you're really tightening the writing, going through it with a fine tooth comb. Every read-through counts!

Terri Tiffany said...

I'm praying you get it where you want to! Keep at it!

Kiersten said...

Quick! Send me something to edit or look over! My head only hurts a little bit!

(Gosh, really, I do feel bad, that's twice now I've pooped out on you...)

Renee Collins said...

Thanks Joanne and Terri, I'll keep you all posted. :)

And, no worries Kierst. You should be enjoying your small headache . . . wait, that doesn't sound right, but you know what I mean.