Friday, August 7, 2009

Tomorrow, I swear.

Today has been a very busy day. I've been running all over town, getting things ready for one very special moment. And what moment was that? Well, I finally submitted my short story to the Writers of the Future Contest!

Let me tell you, it was a very satisfying moment to put my baby into that big manila envelope and get it all stamped. As I left the post office, I glanced back and saw it sitting in the pile with other to be mailed items. I was grinning from ear to ear. Not because I think I stand much of a chance at winning, but because I'm finally doing it again, you know? I'm back in the game.

It's been SO long since I've made any real attempts to do anything. I stopped querying in January. So, it's great to be back in play. As for the contest, I understand it will take three months to hear back, so here's to waiting! :)

Speaking of waiting, I will post my Photoshop Friday tomorrow.

And that's a Renee Collins guarantee. You can take it to the bank and cash it.


Kiersten said...

Rock on! I'm so excited for you. And for me, because I get photoshop Friday tomorrow!

Wait...WAIT. Today is Friday! What are you trying to pull here??

Lady Glamis said...

Yeah, what happened to Photoshop Friday? No pressure, just hoping you start that again. :D

Lady Glamis said...

Oh, and congrats on getting back in the game!

Miriam S.Forster said...

Yah for you!!! I know that feeling, I had it when I dropped my submission in the mail for the Hunger Mountain Contest. Even if you don't win, you feel like you've accomplished something.

Natalie said...

Yay for being back in the game!And good luck:)