Friday, May 1, 2009

Photoshop Friday

This week, I present a shamless rip off of Lolcats. :) But, it's even cuter! It's Lolkids! And, I've made them all writing related n' stuff.

Today, these adorable little ones are going to illustrate some truths I've been ruminating on as I enjoy my break. And what's that?

The Importance of Taking a Break

I've got to tell you, this is probably one of the most underrated writerly virtues. When we finish that first draft, we are on a high. We think it's about the best thing ever written (come on, you know you do.) So, naturally, our first impulse is to press on. Push ahead! Get this baby ready and out into Query World!! What are you waiting for?! DON'T YOU WANT TO BE PUBLISHED?!?!?!

Go on for too long like that, and you'll end up like this.

That, my friends, is why I have become an advocate of the all important break. Here are three things that you will gain from it. And this is a Renee Collins guarantee.

1. Physical rejuvenation! You simply aren't made to go on like a machine forever. I suggest . . .

2.I swear, your greatest ideas did not all come out in the first draft. There are more, gems, waiting for a little time to ease out.

3.Your family/significant other/NICMO, or whatever ya got will thank you.

4. We're all multifaceted people, right? A break can give us time to focus on our other interests.

So, to all of you out there in Writerland, I say "Relax!" Contrary to popular belief, there is no date in the near future when all publishers will stop accepting new books forever. We've got time. And time is exactly what our amazing stories (and our amazing selves) deserve.


Kiersten said...

Aaaaaaawwwww...SO CUTE. Even the slightly awkward shot of you and hubby making out. Your kids are adorable (okay, okay, you and hubby are, too).

And I really, really am going to take a break. I've got sixty more pages of edits to enter, and then I'm sending it out into the void and not thinking about it until I get edits back.

Plus, I've got Cindy Pon's book tomorrow and a certain manuscript I've been looking forward to reading ; )

Natalie said...

Three Cheers for breaks! I'm terrible at them, but I do believe they are GOOD for you. Brain needs down time. Keep enjoying, I promise I'll get to PAMR soon. I've been having issues...

sraasch said...

I LOVE the "Inspiration Has Struck" pic. Too. Awesome.

Joanne said...

Time just may be the most important ingredient in the writing! It's amazing how putting a little of it between you and the manuscript brings out inconsistencies we didn't see on the first go-around.

Diana said...

So CUTE!!! Little sleeping Logan makes me want to crush his little skull!!;) And I love Amber's fashion sense. (Cat fairies...has anyone jumped on that idea yet? Sounds to me like the next big thing!)

I am glad you are taking a break. So am fact I am taking such a long break I may never write again...but lets face it, who cares? :)
Cute Post

Terri Tiffany said...

I am almost done with mine and will take that break! Thanks for the ok!:)

Renee Collins said...

Kirsten-Well, I'm glad you're close to taking your break. I'm itching to read Paranormalcy!

Natalie-I didn't think I'd be good at breaks either. For me, the key has been just letting go. Telling myself over and over that there is no reason to push so hard.

Sara-My daughter is a big time ham. :)

Joanne-So, so true!

Diana-You're just laying in wait until the perfect moment. Then, you'll explode onto the scene with a bestseller. ;)

Terri-Definitely ok! I'm glad you have one planned!

Miriam S.Forster said...

I love photo-ness! And Lol cats... and sleep... and my husband...

Pretty much fabulous advice all around. And you're right. We have time.

giddymomof6 said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Sooo cute! You are crazy cool with photos girl! I'm always impressed. My favorite is the first one and then of course inspiration has struck! LOL! Jenni

Lady Glamis said...

Yep. Enjoy the journey. Take a break. I'm in the saaaame boat, m'dear. :D

jessie said...

So I forgot that you had gone blonde at one time (still blonde?) but it IS you and you kissing your husband. And he let you take a picture of it. Does he know you published his locked lips on the internet?

Renee Collins said...

Miriam-Thanks! And yes, I've had to tell myself SO many times that the publication industry ain't going anywhere. :)

Jenni-If only you knew how UN-computer savvy I was, lol. But, thanks. I suppose I am getting better at the whole Photoshop thing.

Michelle-I will! And you to. :)

Jessie-Was blonde. I have hair ADD.

And, as a matter of fact, hubby did see the smooch shot, and rolled his eyes. And I said, "Well, it's my blog, so deal with it."

(Aren't I a totally loving wife?)

Becca said... usual I love the pics...the ones of Amber are CLASSIC!! And the ones of Logan...darling! and one of you and Benny kissing...T-M-I :) j/k Ren

ps...Thanks for the pep talk...I think I'm gonna do it...and with approach of: "I'm just done with the 'play around as friends' phase of my life...maybe at 20...but not now...when I meet someone with the right chemistry, I wanna date him -not just pal around" ....zing him a little though a nice mature approach :) Cheers!!

JaneyV said...

Oh this is so fab! I love those pics - it's a cuteness overload (but in a good way).

I'm all for taking breaks - mostly I have to remember to write!

cindy said...

haha! i love these!!! /bootay shake! *dust*******

Kasie West said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know what or who Lolcats are? Please, enlighten me so I can proceed to feel stupid.

Love the pics. Love the message. I agree. Unfortunately, it's something I learned the wrong way. By thinking my book was the most brilliant thing ever and sending it to the agent without much needed break. Sigh. Oh well. Perspective is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Well it's not secret that breaks might be the only writerly virtue I'm actually good at. I seem to be taking the my-book's-halfway-done break. Oh yeah and the I-have-no-blog-inspiration break (that's been going on for about three weeks now). No worries though, I'm sure I'll be back with a vengence soon. I'm a very cyclical person. :) Love the pictures. You have a beautiful family!

Renee Collins said...

Becca-You go girl! It's high time someone gave him a piece of her mind to feast on.

Janey-Thanks, Janey. :) My kids can definitely lean to cuteness overload. And sometimes not in a good way!

Cindy-Thanks! I love that lucky dust!!

Kasie-lolcats are these pictures of cats, often doing funny things, with text written onto the pictures. The text is usually hilarious. You should look them up! I think the website might be called, "I can haz cheeseburger." Or something like that.

Candice-LOL, I feel that way sometimes. :) I can definitely take a nice loooooong break, touting the importance of such a thing. Well, I still think it's good. Life comes first. It should always come first.