Friday, May 29, 2009

A Post in Three Parts


What's up with starting sentences with the word "But" ??? I'm in love with But. But seriously, I have a problem. But, what makes it worse is my incorrect insertion of commas right after. But, I am very grateful for the search function on Word.


You may wonder where I have been lately.



For the fourth time in nine months.


And this one's a doozy. So stressful in fact, that I have added a new ticker to the sidebar, tallying what I am sure will be many a post whining about how busy/stressed I am. In the meantime, forgive my absences on your blogs and my own.


Aw crap, I can't think of a third part. (See how fried my brain is?)


JaneyV said...

Living out of a suitcase is no fun. I'm a nester. When I go somewhere I have to unpack and put things away and make it homey. So I feel for you with all this disruption. I hope you get a break from it soon.

I love your third part. ;0)

Joanne said...

Good luck with the move, hope you settle in soon!

Anonymous said...

Lots of luck with the move. It is a very stressful thing but once settled in...hopefully you can enjoy it.

Natalie said...

Hang in there, Ren! I will take any post from you. I love when you whine!

And yes, you have an unhealthy obsession with BUT. It's okay, we all have our little favorites. And yours is just "buts." Teehee. Ren likes buts...okay, I'll stop being six now.

sraasch said...

It'll be over soon! Anyway, you should be a pro at moving by now!

Renee Collins said...

Janey-I wish all we had was one suitcase! lol, maybe that's what makes all this moving so stressful--we have to pack and unpack so much junk! I am this close to taking up a Buddhist lifestyle with only necessary possessions.

Joanne-Thanks! Me too! :)

Ang-I am SO looking forward to getting settled! I've almost forgotten what it feels like.

Natalie-I DO love buts. Lots and lots of buts. All day, every day, all I want is buts.( he he, it's fun to act six. :) )

Sara-lol, that's a good point. I'm a total moving pro!

Kiersten said...

Yes, but your buts are so nice, Ren!

Tee hee.

I'm sorry things are stressful and hectic : ( Ugh. But, you've always got those buts to think about, right?

Miriam S.Forster said...

I'm with you on the moving stress, Renee! I just keep repeating to myself: It will be all over by July, it will be all over by July, it will be all over by July...

Sometimes that helps. Sometimes. :-)

Kathy said...

I think this is my first visit to your blog.

Interesting reading. Good luck with your move and I'll be back to check your progress.

jessie said...

Four moves in nine months? And with a family. I'm sorry. I like your new ticker, though. Are you moving across town or country?

Lady Glamis said...

Awww, moving is stressful, I agree. And so are sentences that start with But.

Good luck and you know where I am if you need to vent. :)

Jessica said...

LOL I didn't realize I was overusing and misusing the word but until several contest results came in. And I still like to use it. Good luck with that. :-)

Jill Wheeler said...

You're moving again? What's up with that?

I also love to start sentences with But. Any sort of conjunction, really. And. So. It's all good.

Renee Collins said...

Kiersten-he he, just what I need, right? One more but to worry about. :P

Miriam-That's right. Oh man, do I repeat that to myself. Though, for me, it will be August. Normal life can resume in August.

Kathy-Hi! And welcome. :) Come back anytime.

Jessie- This move will be a short one, only a five hour drive, which is so much better than our second move of 3 day drive. SO much better.

Michelle-Thanks! I will most likely be needing a lot of that.

Jessica-I think But is one of those words that we don't even realize we are using. In my writing, it's almost like a silent beat in the flow of the prose. Of course, it's not silent. That's the problem. :)

Jill-It's a long story. Maybe I'll do a post about it, heh. And, don't get me wrong, I love a conjunction at the start of a sentence. Just too much. :)

Terri Tiffany said...

Can I ask why so many moves? It has to be so disruptive to your lives!!