Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Parallels

So, I start with a good news update: we are in contract to sell our house!

It is all so surprising to us, because we were only on the market for two weeks, and also, the buyer agreed to a final sale price of only $1000 off our list price (which we worried might be too high.)So, yeah, we got soooooo lucky for this crazy bad housing market.

I have been thinking a lot about the parallels between selling your house, and trying to sell a novel, and I compiled a list of similarities.

1.You really really need an agent, whether you think you do or not.
2. The better the agent, the better chance you sell, and sell at a good price (to a good publishing house.)
We have a kind of high powered agent (who charged an arm and a leg--therein lies the difference, but anyway) and, in the end he was really worth his exorbitant percentage. We know people in our ward who have been trying to sell for months and months, and have come down in price, sometimes two times. And they live in the same
condo complex as us, so there are only subtle differences. That brings up another parallel.
3. Competition is fierce
4. The process of waiting is nerve wracking to the max.

Anyway, I could go on and on. It just made me kind of laugh at how similar the two processes really are.


Natalie said...

Ah! Renee that is such GOOD news! Congratulations! Exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!

And how true--agents, for all the trouble or getting one, are worth it.

So, where you guys moving? Please bless it's closer to me! Hehe.

Renee Collins said...

As a matter of fact, we are. :) Well, for three months anyway. Ben actually doesn't graduate Optometry school until this coming June, but he has two three month internships for the last two quarters of his fourth year. (thats alot of numbers in one sentence.)

So, in the first of December, we will move to Utah for three months, then Boise for three months, and then . . . onto the workforce. And where that will be? I wish I knew.

Natalie said...

YES!!!! I'll take three months:) Oh wait, you're not moving here for me, heh.

Kiersten said...

MOVE TO SAN DIEGO. I'll email you the specific city we live in.

And then Natalie can join us, too...he he he.

Oh, let's face it. None of us can afford to live here. Sigh.

But seriously, CONGRATULATIONS. What a relief! I know a lot of people trying to sell right now and they just can't. I'm so glad it worked out for you!

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