Monday, July 14, 2008


So, Sunday night I was talking to my sister Rebecca about Newy. Somehow, on impulse I told her I would send her what I have, which is about 100 pages, 19,300k.

Well, tonight she called me and said that she read it in one sitting and loved it. In fact, she gave it very high praise. *sigh* Becca is a dear, sweet sister.

Now, I know I should take her words with a heavy grain of salt. She is family, after all, and families are notorious for lavishing praise on a story because they love the person who wrote it. I don't discredit my sister's sincerity, but I do think her enthusiasm is enhanced by her sisterly affection to me.

And yet . . . I must admit that I did a giddy dance when I got off the phone. I think I will allow myself to be pumped by her assessment.


Kiersten said...

Be pumped! Be pumped! And 100 pages already, WOW!

You go, girl. I can't wait to see it.

Also, I finished my final edits for Flash tonight. So I'd love your opinion, but don't worry about getting me crits quickly. Focus on Newy, I don't want to disrupt your productivity!

Natalie said...

Yay! Renee that's great! You guys have great sisters, lol. My 18 yr old is too busy to read and when she does she's just like, "It's good."

My other sister is nine, so yeah.

My brother tried to read TIQ and got bored...

I feel like a loser, lol. My FIL was very excited though, and my mom seemed to be excited about it.

100 pages, that's awesome! I'm so excited for you.

Renee Collins said...

I am pumped, I do admit. Things are just coming together in the plot, I feel like I can't write fast enough to get it all down.

One problem, I have no idea how it will end. I think Jane will surprise me, which I'm a little worried about, because she's rather dramatic.

And Natalie, Becca really is one of the nicest people I know. However, I think I am perhaps even more interested in what you girls have to say.

You can't beat a writer's take. I think they see things that even the most wonderful sister might not.:)

Renee Collins said...

Oh, and Kiersten, I finished Flash last night!

You may note that I wrote this post at almost one in the morning. Well, then, as I was walking upstairs to go to sleep, I saw the copy of Flash that I had printed off, sitting there on the table.

So, yeah, I sat in the bathroom and finished the book at one in the morning. Didn't get to bed until almost two, but I had to see how it eneded. :)

It's fantastic! I am writing up a quick crit and I'll send that to you probably in the afternoon.

But, send me the new crits. Both you and Natalie. I totally want to see them. Don't worry about Newy, I am actually doing a surprisingly good job at balancing out my time.

Kiersten said...

Oh, I'm so flattered!

I'm looking forward to your notes. I've got a final (for now) copy, and I'll send it your way. Really the only thing that was a major change was chapters 36-39, so if you just wanted to read those, that'd probably be good. I added little things throughout, more of what Sarah is thinking and feeling, but you don't have to re-read the whole thing.

Also, keep going on Newy. I can't wait to read it.

Sarah said...

Ren! I just saw this link on Facebook. I love this blog. I will become a regular. Actually it is inspiring me to make my own blog. Maybe by the end of summer when I get my life in order. :) Love you, Sarah

Renee Collins said...

Hey Sarah!

Welcome to my humble blog.:)

I totally think you should start your own. It's a lot of fun. Just let me know when you do!