Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mean Wife

Tonight, right as I was about to go write, my twin sister called, somewhat unexpectedly. Well, I can't have a quick conversation with the girl, so we ended up chatting for over an hour and a half. We said goodbye at 10:30.

Ben was like, "Yay, now we can spend some time together." So, then we had an evening of stimulating conversation, sweet cuddles, and positive affirmations of our love to each other. Right?


I hemmed and hawed about how I really wanted to write tonight. Ben graciously encouraged me to do so. And, now, two hours later, he is asleep and I feel rotten.

*sigh* Sorry Benny, if you read this. I do love you, contrary to how it may appear.


Natalie said...

Oh man, sorry, but that's funny. And mostly because it's happened to my poor hubby as well.

Renee Collins said...

Does anyone know what time zone Blogger uses? I made this post last night at 1 am, but it's showing 10 pm.

It's not a big deal. However, my blog is called Midnight meditations. I don't want the veracity of my title to be challenged.

Natalie said...

Hehe, I think it looks pacific. I haven't actually paid attention.

I wonder if you can change it in preferences.

Kiersten said...

You can probably change it. I think mine is set to Utah time, but who knows.

And poor hubby ; )

Renee Collins said...

Aha! I changed it. You two are geniuses.

It is funny to go through and see how many of my posts are written after midnight. I am a true night owl.

Kiersten said...

I was before kids. Now I have a hard time, not because I'm too tired, but because I can't help but think I have to get up at six NO MATTER WHAT. That usually motivates me to get to bed.

Renee Collins said...

Yeah, see, my kids sleep in until eight, sometimes even nine, so that helps ALOT.

My daughter usually comes in to wake me up when she wakes up. And sometimes that is at seven or so. However, sometimes they just play in their room for an hour.

I'll hear them making noise and open one eye, but then fall back asleep. Then, when my daughter comes in, I'll notice, to my astonishment, that it has been a half an hour or an hour.

*sigh* Such little darlings.

Natalie said...

My kids get up at seven. And I really miss those days when monkey slept until ten! That was a good time in my life.

Nick and I often dream about when they're teens and we can sleep in again.

Kiersten said...

Well, Darling, I need your email address...

**nervously grinning**

Renee Collins said...