Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Sorry, I seriously had to delete that post. Thanks for the input, but after seeing them again today, I'll probably scrap them all. I didn't hate them that much, but they just didn't show any personality. (Taking the pictures by the flowers was Ben's idea. I'm not that glamorous.)

*relaxed sigh* I feel better now. Now, here is a picture that I find much more enjoyable to look at. :)


Natalie said...

Haha, not that glamorous. I feel the same way. Hope you can get a shot you like:)

Your boy is so cute. Boys are so much fun--more than I can handle sometimes!

Kiersten said...

Oh, so cute!!

I'd always rather put pictures of my kids up, but then I worry about the people I don't know looking at my blog. That's why my family one is private, and loaded with pictures.

Renee Collins said...

Yeah, I worry too. We have a family blog, but it isn't private. I wonder about that sometimes.

I guess you never know, but I can't imagine that too many of the creeps out there trawl the millions of writer blogs.