Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mish Mash

Well, the short story is coming along great. It's kind of weird to think that I will actually be done soon. You mean, it won't take me a year? I'm glad though. It's been a great study on how to move a story along, and how to integrate exposition, because you only have 20-30 pages in which to do it. Also, I think this can be a good practise try at submitting a story to places/getting used to rejection.

In the meantime, here is a cute new pic of my nephew/son. :)


Natalie said...

I'm glad your story is going well! Good luck with the submitting process and all that good stuff when it comes.

And your new nephew/son is adorable:)

Kiersten said...

What a cutie!

How old are your kids, Renee?

And yeah, short stories are a nice break. They are very satisfying!

Renee Collins said...

Sorry, I haven't been on the net for a while.

My daughter turns four in four days, and my son turned one in mid april.

Natalie said...

Just wanted to thank you again for your very helpful and positive comment. I got a little overwhelmed by Heather's and yours put me back on my feet again and helped me get through both and make good revisions.

So thank you so much!

Renee Collins said...

Hey, no problem. :) I thought she was kinda harsh, and not really critiquing the right things.

I think people who haven't read the story shouldn't really make comments on what "works" or not, since, they don't really know. That kind of thing is reserved for someone who is critting your manuscript.

IMHO, when it comes critting queries or synopsis', people should comment on the query or the synopsis. Not the story.

Your story sounds really good, so don't be discouraged!

Natalie said...

You know she really did have some good points though, and it helped me carefully consider what questions needed to be answered in the synopsis to make it more clear.

It's so hard when your story has all these complex concepts to pair it down without being confusing. I hope I improved it more this second time.

My husband gave it a good bush-whacking this morning too--so I was totally shell shocked, lol.

Renee Collins said...

Test again