Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Expectations

One Sunday, Father's Day, I was assigned to speak at my church. It's not the first time, but it was certainly the most scary.

I felt this enormous amount of pressure to be brilliant. Three reasons why:
1, It's Father's Day and you have to have an epic meeting on Father's Day, right?
2, I had this feeling that everyone expected brilliance because, "well, she is a writer."
3, I expected to be able to at least write a good 15 minute talk because, "well, I am a writer."

Well, after hours of stressing, everything went fine. My talk certainly wasn't epic or brilliant, but I at least spoke coherently. And I didn't trip on my way up. Anyway, now its over, and I won't have to speak for a nice, long time.


Natalie said...

It's funny how people expect writers to be good speakers. Um, I right because I can't talk! I've never been good at expressing myself in front of people, but if I have time to think and write it out, it works better.

Glad you made it through, I haven't talked in church since high school!

Kiersten said...

My last talk I actually had someone write me a thank you note. It was bizarre. But Father's Day, that's high pressure...I don't envy you, but I'm sure you did great ; )

My problem with talks is that I talk really (really really) fast, so I'll have four or five pages of material (just an outline--not even word for word) and I'll still only take five or ten minutes. Turbo!

Renee Collins said...

My major problem was blubbering. Of course, I had to include the touching story of my Grandpa. I sobbed my way through it, and then had to fumble with the tissues. Afterwards, I saw in the mirror that I had these big black streaks of mascara smeared across my cheeks. It was lovely.

Renee Collins said...
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