Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm Re-Gifting!

I really do feel bad about being SO absent online. Probably in a disproportionate rate to the amount that I am actually missed . . .

But at any rate, I'll spare you all another hum drum post, in which I apologize profusely for never posting. Instead, I've decided to re-gift a few of my favorite Photoshop Fridays! Thrilled??? I knew you would be. Well enjoy! :D

Getting in touch with your Inner Superhero (and Supervillain!)

We always hear that every writer is different. That every writer has strengths and weaknesses that make their experience different. I pondered on this the other day. I was analyzing my own strengths and weaknesses (well, mostly my weaknesses, but still.) In my mind, I kept seeing them as superpowers, and myself as a Writing Superhero! What kind of superhero? I'll tell you

I am Super Realistic Assessment of My Own Writing Girl! Smashing through the barrier of self doubt and the false precipice of self delusion, SRAMOW has a pretty good understanding of her own writing level. This keeps her strong when things get tough and grounded, even when she's super excited about her WiP.(This is a lame super power, you say? I agree, but it's really hard to do the hero/strengths part without sounding like you're bragging. So, lets move on.)

I am also a writing Supervillain. Yes, here she is. Adjectivica! The ruthless villain who has a burning hatred for English Grammar. Her powers of prose range from a delicate lilac hue to the deadly purple! Adjectivica also loves to slaughter innocent sentences, leaving them in fragments all over the place. Her weapons of choice are adjectives, but she has a penchant for lethal gerunds. Look at all the good, faithful defenders of Grammar that fall dead at her feet! Beware Adjectivica!

And lastly, I have a picture of She-Ra, Princess of Power. Not because I dare to compare myself to her, but, well look at her, she's awesome!

So, what do you think? What is your writing super power? Do you have a fatal flaw? What kind of hero are you? Give yourself a character and introduce yourself in the comment section! Or, better yet, if you want to photoshop a picture of your Superhero, sent it to me and I'll post it here on my blog!

Up, up, and AWAY!!!!!!!

Here are a few fearless heroes who have joined my super awesome writing squad!

(In her own words) Candice is: Lady Hindenburg. "Because I think big, make great plans, takeoff really well, cruise along at high altitude, then I get to the end, loose steam and crash and burn in a blaze of glory. In other words, I'm great at beginning, not so much at endings. **Notice the look of fearless determination on my face as I prepare to meet impending doom."

NOTE ON JUNE 9th: My offer still stands to post any more super heroes/villains that you send me. :)


Miriam S.Forster said...

I'd love to, but Photoshop and I are mortal enemies. :-) Welcome back!

giddymomof6 said...

I love this post! Thanks for reposting/regifting I still crack up as I read it! I hope your move is going/went well. This past weekend all 8 of us travelled from the UK to the US. Surprisingly we're all alive! Jenni

Kasie West said...

Ooh, I love re-gifting. And I love this post. I laughed the first time and I'm laughing again. Re-gifting rocks! As does your super hot super hero pic. Thanks.

Chantele said...

I wish I had photoshop!:) Your blog is awesome by the way, and it's nice to meet another fellow aspiring writer!:)