Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Good Reason for going AWOL

Dispatch: Spent one week in Ohio without the slightest contact to the writing community. However, there was good reason. After ten years in college, seven of which I was there with him, Hubby graduated from Ohio State's Optometry School. Watched with many tears as he received his doctoral hood. Worth missing out on all of the clever blogs of writer friends. However, back now. Reporting for duty.

P.S. So yeah, I'm married to a Doctor now. (Word.)


Kiersten said...

WORD. Also, freaking HOT dress.

Kasie West said...

Kiersten once again stole my thoughts. I, too, was going to comment on your dress. I think we need a full body shot of that. Please provide. And I'm loving the dark hair. Way to go, hubby. Big brains are awesome.

Natalie said...


And I missed you. When are we getting together for lunch?

sraasch said...

Congrats to hubby! Congrats to you for being married to a Doctor now! Congrats all around!!

(You were in Ohio and you didn't say hi?? Sad.)

Anonymous said...

Red is a beautiful color on you! And I just want to say congratulations to you too. That is a huge accomplishment for you too. It takes a supportive woman to make it through grad school with a family.

Renee Collins said...

Kiersten-Actually it's a shirt, but thanks! You are so sweet. :)

Kasie-And thanks to you as well. :) I'm actually not sure I have a good full body shot in that outfit, but I wore a black knee length skirt with it, if that gives you a better picture.

Natalie-SOON!!! We need to discuss asap. :)

Sara-Are you from Ohio?? I never knew? Which part? I was in Columbus. Hilliard to be exact.

Candice-Scarlett happens to be one of Ohio State's colors, though I didn't have that in mind at all when I picked the shirt out. It's just one of my favs.

Also, I do feel that it was somewhat of a personal accomplishment. I've had more eye exams in the past four years than should be allowed. ;)

JaneyV said...

How utterly fantastic to see all that hard word rewarded. Congratulations! Whatever about your Hubby's dress I thought you looked gorgeous in that red number!

I've been a bit AWOL too. We can hit the bogging trail again together ;0)

JaneyV said...

You know I meant "hard work" - right?

Note to self - read the comment before clicking 'publish'

Terri Tiffany said...

Congrats to you both!!! What a long road but I bet really worth it.

Jessie Oliveros said...

You're gorgeous. Your husband is a Dr. AND your gorgeous. I might not be good enough to blog with you anymore.

Renee Collins said...

Janey-Thanks! and yeah, I knew what you meant. However for Ben there were many hard words: big long medical terms, huge text books, and all kind of crazy diagnosises. :)

Terri-Definitely worth it! Thanks :)

Jessie-LOL! How you flatter. :) But see, you are super clever and witty and you make me laugh. That makes you good enough to blog anywhere.

sraasch said...

Renee -- Yep, been in Ohio for about 12 years now! I'm in the Dayton area, about 1.5 hours west of Columbus. Hit me up next time you're in the area!