Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Historic Moment

It's late here, but I couldn't resist writing a quick post expressing my feelings on this historic night.

I'm sure you've all heard by now that Osama Bin Laden has been confirmed dead. I've spent the last two hours on Twitter, just celebrating with my fellow writers. Not necessarily celebrating the death of a individual, but celebrating the symbolic victory for America and the entire world.

Do you remember the swell of patriotism and unity after 9-11? It's my deepest wish that everyone take this moment to recapture those feelings. I almost never talk politics on this blog, but I can't deny that the bickering and ugliness on BOTH sides has been making me crazy lately.

I hope, I wish, I pray that we will take this moment to come together.

To forget petty politics and policy quibbles, and celebrate the things that matter.

The country we love.

The freedom we enjoy.

The men and women that give their lives to make sure we have that freedom.

My heart is full tonight. God bless America.


Sarah said...

My sister just got back from a year in Afghanistan (she flies medevac), and so it was really neat to watch this unfold last night, knowing how hard our military has worked to bring it about (as well as doing lots of other things--my sister flew a lot of kids to medical care after they'd been injured, bitten by snakes, etc.) I think this is a good morale boost. It was also really, really interesting to watch how this news unfolded on news and social media outlets last night. I felt like I was watching history, Twitter-style!

Ruth said...

Amen! I love this country and I wish we could get some of that old-fashioned patriotism back.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

What a great post Renee. I totally agree with everything you just said. :) It was crazy following all the tweets last night. There were so many I couldn't keep up with them!

Candice said...

I just left a lengthy comment. Grrrr, blogger, grrrrrr. But let me just say, I believe most Americans want and strive for the same things, they just differ in their views on how best to achieve those things. The Politicians and pundits like to focus on those differences and pit us against each other, when in reality I don't believe we're all that different. 9/11 was a time when we focused on what we agree on instead of what we disagree on. I think the mood of America demanded it from our leaders and entertainers (aka 24hr news). We have to remember that we are the consumers of the divisive rhetoric and perpetuate it if we play into it. I'm so glad everyone seems to demand more positive and cohesive stories at a time like this.

Renee Collins said...

Sarah-Isn't it amazing? I'm not sure I would have heard the news until this morning if not for good old Twitter. :)

Also, send my thanks to your sister for her brave service!

Ruth-Exactly. We don't have to agree on everything, so long as we don't forget the many things we do agree on.

Chantele-I've never seen Twitter like that! It was crazy, but fun!

Candice-Spot on, Candice! You are wise, and exactly right. We really do have much more in common than it seems on TV. But you're also right that many people do get swept up in the rhetoric without even realizing it. (People on BOTH sides.)

I think the key is not placing undue emphasis on the importance of certain issues being dealt with exactly how we think they should be dealt with. Instead, let's try for a little more utilitarianism and pragmatism. Compromise!

Jenn Johansson said...

Great post, Renee! Amen. I felt some of that same unity last night. May it continue. said...

What a awesome post hunny i love it.