Friday, January 28, 2011

Photoshop Friday

Or will it be just a link? *evil laugh*

But before you boo me off the stage, let me tell you that this link leads to my good friend Natalie Whipple's blog. Now you're all cheering. Because Natalie rocks. And given the HUGE amount of followers she has to her blog, you probably already know and love her.

Anyway, Natalie has this awesome weekly feature called Happy Writer's Society, and she asked me to guest post. So I did, with a Photoshop Friday. Yes, I do love hitting two birds with one stone.

Actually . . . I'd never hit a bird with a stone. That's just mean.


writergal24 said...

I read it and I loved it! Great Post!

Miriam S. Forster said...


What's extra hilarious is I just finished reading this:

And this:

all about people who use the word "rockstar" in job applications. Hilarious.

Renee Collins said...


Miriam-lol, awesome links. :D A plumbing rockstar, HA! Love that.