Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photoshop Friday

For Photoshop Friday (or Monday, but whatever . . .) we're going to keep with the romance theme we had going in Triple T. With all the talk about predicable love triangles, and useless love interests, Diana and I decided to have a little fun and try to mix things up. So without further ado, I present:

Literary Love Mashups

Our first couple is a dangerous one, because it encroaches on one of the most beloved romances of literature. The one in Pride and Prejudice. But we simply want to put Elizabeth Bennett's talents to best use. Come on now, was Mr. Darcy really all that bad? Sure, sure, he was kind of stand offish, and he didn't want to dance at the party. *YAWN* Give Lizzy a challenge! And who better than Sherlock Holmes? Can you imagine these two going at it? Now THAT's entertainment.

Girl, please. You KNOW she could take him.

Next we delve into the inner workings of heroine from another famous love story. Bella Swan. She was called Danger Magnet by Stephenie Meyer herself. She likes the bad boys. And all she gets is an emo, sparkly guy who clings to his Victorian morality?! PLEASE. She wants danger. We'll give her danger.

Team Darth all the way, baby.

Finally, we present a couple that—frankly—were made for each other. They're both ambitious. Natural leaders. Charismatic. They both have pesky kids getting in their way. And they both have a disturbingly pale skin hue. But you know, isn't it time these two get their chance at love?

Because even bad guys deserve a little happiness.

And there you have it. Love is always more fun when it's unpredictable.

How about you? Have any Literary Love Mashups you'd love to see? (I'm thinking we'll do some more next week.) Share in the comments section!


Becca said...

Brill, and hilar :) Lmao!!!!!! :)

storyqueen said...

Team Darth!!

that Voldi picture totally creeps me out.

Candice said...

That last one made me start giggling. I still am. I think it was the background that put me over the edge...The Magic Kingdom. Long live photoshop Friday!! Even if it is on Monday.

Miriam S. Forster said...

Bwahaha!! I'd love to see Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair, get together with Rett Butler from Gone With The Wind. Becky's just as scheming and amoral as Scarlett, but she's much smarter and more fun. Could be entertaining!

Colene Murphy said...

Hahaha! Those are awesome. So fun!

Jessie Oliveros said...

Where in the world do you get a pic of Voldemort smiling like that? It's not even an evil smile. Anyway, I love all the mashups, and I will forgive you for replacing Colin Firth's face with one less worthy. I agree with Mirian about the Becky Sharp and Rhett Butler combo, esp since I just finished reading Vanity Fair last week...for the third time. But I'm not that creative right now. I'll get back to you...

Renee Collins said...

Becca-Sknath. :)

Shelly-haha, isn't it a hilarious pic? Diana found it.

Candice-Exactly! Can you imagine those two heading to Splash Mountain or riding on Dumbo? I wish we could somehow do a picture of that. :)

Miriam-Ooo, a great match! Those two could be a real power couple!

Colene-Thanks :)

Jessie-Diana found it! And photoshopped it. It's pretty brilliant, isn't it? :) I'll have to ask her where she got it.

R.S.J. said...

So funny. Even villains need someone to love.

Bombshell Char said...

What's WRONG with disturbingly pale skin hues is what I'd like to know?!

Renee Collins said...

R.S.J-They do! Why does no one ever give them a love interest?

Charlotte-Nothing persay . . . Unless you also happen to be plotting world domination. Then you have creepiness potential.