Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Photoshop Friday

(Even though it's Tuesday.)

THE EVOLUTION OF AN IDEA, or An Argument for taking Internet Breaks.

So, there you are, brainstorming ideas for your Work-in-Progress. Or maybe you're just fixing yourself a turkey and avocado sandwich. At any rate, out of the blue, an idea strikes.

For a small, glorious window of time, this idea is the most Brilliant. Thing. Ever.

So you head to the internet to do some research. After spending a while on Wikipedia, Google Earth, and the like, you decide to peek over at Amazon to see of there are similar books.

Well you find them.

This leads you to the blogs of the authors of those books, doubtless with posts expressing their relief that they got their novel published before the trend DIED last week.

This leads you to scouring agent blogs and interviews, positive that SOMEONE still wants your idea. And this leads you to various writer forums, where they discuss various topics of decreasing relevance to the topic at hand. And before you know it, you've frittered away a depressing amount of time. Time that you could have been (but obviously weren't) WRITING. And you end up like this.

The lesson, gentle reader? I love me some internet, but it can be COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Alas, it's a lesson I have to re-learn every few months. :)


Lyla said...

Wow. Almost exactly what happens to me. And yet I go on the internet... every day... for a long time... I guess I'm masochistic?

Bombshell Char said...

I prefer an oblivious chase after the idea I love. Chase the writing Renee, the publication may, or may not come later; but you'll have had an amazing love affair.

Jessie Oliveros said...

All I got out of this post is that I want Dr. Pepper. But REALLY, I know what you mean. And sometimes I think too much on an idea that I'm too worn out to actually write it.

Melissa said...

Dr. Pepper makes everything better:)

Kasie West said...

Ah, depressed dr. pepper lady is back. I love that girl. :) So true about the internet being counterproductive sometimes. Why must we relearn lessons over and over?

Red Boot Pearl said...

Don't all first ideas seem positively brilliant? Sigh.

Renee Collins said...

Lyla-haha, aren't all of us writers a tad masochistic? :)

Charlotte-Very true!

Jessie-And wouldn't it be awesome to have a can THAT BIG?! I should write a letter to the Dr. Pepper company to suggest it.

Melissa-Sing it, sister. :)

Kasie-I think I'm going to put Depressed Dr. Pepper Lady as the wallpaper on my laptop. :D

Red Boot Pearl-First, cool name! :) Second, yes, ideas have a way of being so beautiful at first. Such a shame that doesn't last. :)

Candice said...

I love/hate the internet. The reality is that you can make a new trend if you have an awesome book and reopen the door.

I'm so happy to see a photoshop Friday again. This is one of those times when I love the internet!

Miriam S. Forster said...

Ideas are common. Execution is what's important.

*repeats to self fifteen times*

I know exactly what you mean. :)

Patti said...

You almost lost me at turkey and avocado sandwich.

I think you really love the idea, I mean really love then you have to think that you'll write it differently than everyone else and not worry about the market. It takes so long to write a book and sell it that I'm sure that idea will be popular again.