Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What does that say about me?

Well, so far things are going well with my Four Short Challenge. I'm about two thirds through with my first story. No working title yet (surprised?) However, I am working on a Short Story ticker for the sidebar of my blog.

So as my body of work grows, it's interesting to notice similar themes and characters popping up. They can be strongly present, or like familiar ghosts--fleeting glances of which can be seen haunting our stories. I suppose we writers can't help but to let a bit of ourselves bleed out onto the page.

I've compiled a list of a few of my own personal little ghosts. It's somewhat amusing, and to tell you the truth I'm not sure what it says about me. The stats:

-In every story I've written, save one, (that's three completed novels, two unfinished novels, one novelette, and a nearly finished short story) there is an impassioned revolutionary of some kind.

-When I write in a male's voice, he is always troubled. A dark character, battling his inner demons.

-When I write in a female's voice, she is usually quiet and pensive.

-I haven't written a single story without some speculative element. And if I were pressed, I'd have to officially classify myself as a Sci-fi writer.

-And finally, I have a real penchant for the semi-tragic ending.

Looking over this list makes me laugh. I swear guys, I'm a happy person! You might not be able to tell from my writing. So what about you? Who are your recurring characters? What thematic ghosts haunt your stories?


Natalie said...

Oh, I love this. And those are totally your themes! I think that's what's cool about our writing—stuff always comes out like that.

For me there's usually an element of "people aren't who you think they are." I swear, I'm not trying, but then about every one of my books, lol.

There's a lot more, but I'm too lazy to list.

sraasch said...

I tend to be semi-tragic too. I don't know what about the heavy, tragic endings or themes is so appealing. I think conveying that kind of emotion is a good outlet for pent-up anger/sadness/etc.

Lady Glamis said...

I need to do a list like that! How fantastic to know what you write like that. Hope you're getting good stuff for the contest. :D

storyqueen said...

I have a great relationship with my parents....but in my longer WIP's, NONE of my characters do!


Anonymous said...

My one finished book, one 2/3 finished book, and one new book are all completely different genres and characters. Though I do find that all my female characters love to read. I think what my writing says about me is that I get bored. Either that or I have commitment issues, but since I've been happily married for ten years I'm going to have to go with bored as the most likely explanation.

Anonymous said...

Oh and a lot of people die in my books... maybe I have a morbid fascination???

Renee Collins said...

Natalie-Yes, I can see that in your stories. :) Especially Ninja.

Sara-It's funny how anyone would be drawn to that, isn't it? And yet, I think you bring up a good point, maybe it's just a release.

Michelle-Make one! It's pretty amusing. And, as for the contest, this first story is already too long, but I'm working on a few, shorter ideas for the other three stories. :)

Shelly-hehe, yeah I've got a few of those in my stories. Actually, the parents are usually not even around anymore.

Candice-It makes me laugh, all these nice women writing tragic tales of death and sorrow. lol :) And you know what's funny, when you said lots of people die in your stories, I thought, "Ooo!" LOL

Miriam S.Forster said...

Ooo! Let's see...

- There's a paranormal aspect to every book I've written (and most of my short stories.)

- There's often a mystery as well, usually about who the bad guy is.

- All of my longer works have cats.

- I'm fascinated by how people connect and then fall apart through misunderstanding.

- I'm a sucker for sexual tension, so my characters rarely "get together" in the end, they just move a little close.

- While I don't resolve everything at the end, the character usually ends up in a place of contentment.


Jessie Oliveros said...

I love that you have found trends in your writing. I, too, like the semi-tragic endings and find the more serious-toned books easier to pour myself into, even if I'm not a semi-tragic, serious-toned person myself. My themes are supernatural, but I still haven't written enough to find a trend with my characters. Oh yes, except that my heroes are dreamy, but who's aren't?

Becca said...

LOL!!!! Ren...I seriously laughed out loud at you little "theme list"

Although I am not currently in the throws of writing a book....I would say my "thematic ghosts" are quite simple and as follows:

Girl: is always "in a rut" of some sort...going through a rough patch of life....in need of adventure, and life changing drama...

Boy: Rough on the outside...soft on the inside...and full of shady life tragedies, needs the love of a good woman....


Oh wait...who needs to write that story...its just my real life :(
jk...kinda, not really :)

David said...

I wonder if cheerful people tend to write darker stories, and the reverse as well. Some of the most passionate love stories seem to be written by relationship-challenged people.