Friday, September 25, 2009

Photoshop Friday

I think we in the writing community are pretty supportive of our authors. We buy their books, write rave reviews on our blogs, and come up with complex, educated reasons why this author or that book is so great. But what if the rest of the world got as into these books and authors as we did?

What if Writers were the new Rock Stars?

For one thing, they definitely couldn't go out without being thronged by screaming hordes of fans. Look at poor John Green, signing autographs on his way to the grocery store.

Kids would decorate their rooms with all the latest paraphernalia of their favorite YA novels.

Instead of debating on message boards and Amazon, the masses would take their opinions to the streets.

Even celebrities would get in on the craze. Beyonce has paparazzi cameras flickering with her stylish support of the writing community.

And book readings/signings? They couldn't take place at a table in Barnes and Noble anymore.


Kiersten White said...

Okay, I think this is my favorite one so far.


Renee Collins said...

Thanks :)

Natalie Whipple said...

I'm tearing up—you've created a beautiful dream here, Renee. Let's turn this into the FUTURE.

(ps. I'm so making you a Gaiman shirt.)

Anonymous said...

So funny!! I always look forward to your witty photoshop Fridays!

I'm actually really glad that writers, in general, are not high profile people. I think it's nice to dream of having success without having to worry about changing your day to day life. I like the thought of my book becoming wildly popular and nobody outside the writing community really knowing who I am.

Becca said...

Ren....truly...does your brilliance know no bounds?!!??!! :) Hilarious, and witty as ever! Just wait 'til you are a famous Rock Star Writer...people will wear "Ren Hair"...your perfect thick locks - everyone would want them. You'd be like Jennifer Aniston in the 90's...wait...didn't you get a Jen Aniston haircut in the 90's...and show off your fab new hair in your "fruitsuit"... yes, those were the glam days ;) Seriously Ren...someday, when you are famous, people are gonna dig up your old photo-shop Fridays, and everyone will ADORE them :) Cheers!

Kasie West said...

LOL I love it. I really want to decorate my room in book cover posters now.

Amanda Hannah said...

You so rock. LOL

wait. . .you mean other people don't decorate their rooms with book covers?

Jessie Oliveros said...

Okay, my favorite is the Twilight protesters in the street. You've created a parallel universe in these pictures-maybe you should write it.

sraasch said...

Wow. New goal: have a book signing in a concert arena.

Renee Collins said...

Natalie-Dude, I'd totally wear that Gaiman shirt! You know I would. :)

Candice-I definitely agree. I wouldn't mind my book being famous, but I don' t think I'd like being famous myself.

Becca-Oh, Becca, so complimentary. :) Thanks! Maybe I'm working in the wrong medium. Maybe I'm destined to make a photoshop book or something.

Kasie-Totally! Covers are so gorgeous these days, they basically are art.

Amanda-Thanks :) And, I totally want to see your room now! (Does that sound weird to say? ;)

Jessie-It would make a funny short story, wouldn't it. Hmm . . . .

Sara-No kidding. :) At favorite scenes, the whole crowd would go crazy, and start reciting lines along with the author. Talk about a rush. :)

storyqueen said...

Beyonce in the Gaiman shirt is justs killer!!

(I want a Gaiman shirt.....)


Miriam S.Forster said...

Fun pictures! But I agree with Candice. I wouldn't mind being famous someday, but in more of a Lois Lowery way, and not so much a Rob Pattinson way.

I wouldn't mind the t-shirts and posters, but the screaming fans and paparazzi? No thank you!

Lady Glamis said...

Hehe! You are so clever. Such good laughs!

Terresa said...

This is sweet. I'll take the Gaiman tee. Mmmm.

Renee Collins said...

he he, thanks all.

I am seriously wanting to find a way to make those Gaiman shirts. I think they'd be a huge seller. :)