Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feet on the ground . . . almost.

Well folks, I've arrived in Colorado! Everything is great. I love our new house. I love our quaint, new neighborhood. I love our new state.

There are, however, at least a few problems with moving to said "quaint" town. Like how we have no internet yet. And won't until next Monday. Turns out this small town is well out of the way of the utility companies. So, we've been cruising with no phone, internet, or tv. I am currently writing this post from the one room town library computers.

You can imagine that I am going a little crazy. Just a tad. I have plenty to keep me busy, what with unpacking and getting my bearings on the new surroundings and all. However, I really can't feel like I've finally come home until I get my precious internet back.

So, my apologies for being absent from your blogs. I promise you, I can't wait to get back to them. And with any luck, by this coming Monday I will.


Kiersten said...

REN! I saw your blog updated in my sidebar and was so happy!!

Here's hoping you get internet soon : )

JaneyV said...

I know the hell of no internet only too well **sympathy**
Congrats on your new home and I hope that Colorado lives up to your hopes. Now get yourself settled and build your nest!

Lady Glamis said...

Well I certainly MISS YOU A TON! Hope to see you back soon. Glad you like the town. Mostly. :D

sraasch said...

Yay for *almost* settling in!

(There's still a town in America that doesn't have immediate internet hook-up? Dude.)

Kasie West said...

Wahoo. We look forward to you having your feet in one place for a while. I'm sure you do to. Good luck with all the unpacking business. I'm sure you have it down to a science by now. :)