Friday, February 20, 2009

Photoshop Friday!

Agent's just not that into you.

Last night I was wrangled into going to see the movie, He's just not that into you. Well, I've been out of the single scene for a while now (thank heavens,) however, as I watched the movie, I couldn't help but think that this is perhaps a message we writers need to hear sometimes, hard as it is.

The Scenario (come on, you know you recognize this):

You find that dream agent, the one who makes your heart go pitter patter. The one who is so perfect for you that it makes you scream. You know, that one. So, you send him/her you awesome, fantastic query. WOO HOO!! The dream is on! You can't stop thinking about him/her! You can't stop gabbing with your writer friends (or just your own mind) about how much you want that agent!

Minutes tick by. . . then hours . . . then days. You check your email every few hours. And yet . . . nothing. You start to worry. Is there some problem? Have I done something wrong? You send your friends test emails to make sure that both your outbox and inboxes are working. And yet . . . nothing.

So you get sad. You wonder, what the heck? Why isn't he/she contacting me? Your writer friends assure you that they had this one agent who waited four weeks to contact them, but when they did it was with a full request. You hear the stories, but they don't make you feel much better. So, you drown out your confusion and frustration in a huge can of Dr. Pepper. (P.S. I kinda wish they made them this big. Wouldn't it be awesome?)

But, ultimately, don't we have to accept the one truth? Agent's just not that into you. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it sucks. But, if we can just embrace that fact, our lives open up to the healing powers of moving on. Isn't it a freeing feeling?

*This blog does not recommend the act of jumping from a cliff, no matter how free you feel, until you have consulted with your physician and/or spouse.


Anonymous said...

I just laughed out loud at the huge "NADA" in your inbox. I love your photoshop Fridays!

Kiersten said...

And the BEST thing about a DP that big would be you'd burn the calories you were drinking just by lifting the can!!

Renee, I hear you. Only now it's editors that just aren't that into me. *sob* Fortunately I just bought a Dr Pepper, so life is that much better.

Becca said...

WTF LOL NBD!!! (just had to throw those in for you!)

Oh Ren - your blog is hilars....I love photo-shop Friday!!! So funny and clever! Are you sure you don't want to do a clever "Graphic Novel" instead or a regular one???

Seriously Ren...I laughed out loud at todays blog...too funny...LOLOLOLOLOLOL (:

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL I loved this so much! Thanks for a fun post and a great reminder and take-off:)) Just like we move one from the one that isn't into us--so we have to with that agent!!

Natalie said...

Ahh, nada. Yes, I know that feeling. That's great. Thanks for the laugh. It's hard to accept sometimes, but true. Sometimes they're just not that in to you. Sigh.

Kasie West said...

Having seen this movie, that was a hilarious comparison. And perfect. Man, really? Are you sure? They're not into me, because I heard a story once about a girl who waited three months only to find out her perfect agent had been injured in a horrible freak accident that left him in a full so he couldn't type. But while he was lying in bed, he was dreaming of her manuscript and how wonderful it was. If only he could type her a letter or pick up the phone. See, it could happen. Right? LOL

Kasie West said...

Okay, that was supposed to say, full body cast. Yeah, should edit next time. LOL

Diana said...

Hey Ren, Thanks for censoring the superfluous cleavage in your first pic with some expert “paint” skills:)
The truth is this post applies to many things….well in the arts. Whether it’s lusting after that big part in the play, the “tres chic” galleries, the hottest agent, or the sweetest record label. We creative minds are cursed with being able to dream big….sigh. I think I will go eat some M&Ms…..

Jill Wheeler said...

Good post.

Sigh. Time to check my inbox again.

giddymomof6 said...

This is awesome! I love it! Seriously! You're very talented with digital art, i'm impressed. And such a great point too. I remember living at my inbox and checking constantly this summer. And then squezzing my eyes shut when I got a response because I knew it was gonna be a "no" LOL! Gotta love this business. jenni

sraasch said...

Hahaha...yet sad. Because I can relate all too well. *sigh*

Inbox...empty...inbox...still empty...

juneluv12 said...

I had to laugh at your post since I was thinking the exact same thing about the movie and agent comparison! I just told a friend last night how much I loved the agents who said, "I'll step aside." It's like they're being so noble like the guy who is all like, "I'm not the right one, but there's one out there for you."
Gah, too funny! I guess we fellow Absolute Writer's think the same things. I had said earlier when I was about to start querying that I didn't think I could stand being rejected by the male population and the literary world too...Guess, I can! Here's to both of us meeting literary success!

Renee Collins said...

Candice-Yeah, I've gotten to the point where that nada makes me laugh too. Finally. :)

Kiersten-I definitely think the theory applies to many things. So, we just have to keep that DP on hand.

Becca-he he he! ;) Also, I may look into that graphic novel idea. Who knows, maybe I've been barking up the wrong tree!

Terri-Glad you liked the post. Its winter, I figured we could all use a laugh.

Natalie-But, when they request a full from the partial, they are! :)

Kasie-Whoa! That story is amazing! Maybe there is hope for us all after all!;)Seriously though, it was a cute movie, huh? Good for a laugh.

Diana-True, true. However, I see no need for M&Ms for you, Ms. Lead in the Community Play. :) (Of course, M&Ms are a good celebratory treat as well.)

Jill-I just checked mine. (yeah, empty.) :)

Jenni-Well, I don't know about talented at digital art. Though, I do love a good session on Paint. Also, I feel the same way when I finally see an email in my inbox. A part of me wants to shut the internet down right then, because I just know it's a rejection. But, then, my masochistic side opens the email. lol

Sara-Yep, I certainly know the feeling. P.S. I love the new pic of you with the Peep. It's so avant garde. :)

Juneluv12-I've gotten the "I'll step aside" rejection before. And I felt the same way about it as you. It's like, "Thanks . . .?" Too funny. :)

Also, welcome to the blog! Good to see another AW-er.

Lady Glamis said...

Now I need to see that movie, apparently!

Great post. I'm still laughing!

Kimberly said...

First time here and I'm already giggling like mad. And I haven't even gotten to the point of query letters and whatnot...but I can imagine the potential anguish keenly.

Well put!