Friday, February 6, 2009

Photoshop Friday

So, I think I am going to start a new feature. Photo essays every Friday. Why? Because I like it. :)

Today's Title: The Great Grammatical Revolution*

*I want to make a quick disclaimer to all of you who so boldly defend the fortress of true and correct grammar. This is all in good fun. So, don't be mad at me.

Have you noticed a trend in the writing community? People with such passion for grammar that they actually become enraged at the sight of poor or improper use of the English language. People who find it their duty to correct and defend the written and spoken word. People who quote Strunk and White with the same passion as a Red Guard quoting Mao's Little Red Book. In fact, I've found the similarities between Grammar Nazis and the Red Guard to be chillingly accurate.

"Struggle against the impure! Struggle against those who do not use grammar correctly! Cleanse the world of LOLspeak!!!!!"


Kiersten said...

I'm never speaking to you again.

He he, this really is an issue. One of my friends always says she's embarrassed to email me because she always worries about grammar and punctuation.

Dude, unless you are in publishing, I don't care how you write. Just don't claim to be an expert and I won't hold you to any standards.

Well, maybe a few standards...

; )

Lady Glamis said...

I have a friend who is a grammar natzi. But I love her for it. She catches so many things for me.

I love your photo essays. They're great!

giddymomof6 said...

LOLOL! I LOVE THIS! And it's soo true! It's awesome! Cracked me up! Great analogy!
Ready for your intro post tomorrow? We're all pretty excited!

Diana said...

SO true! People really let their pet peeves get out of hand. Such people are as George Eliot (Or Mary Ann Evans if you prefer) called “prigs,” or people who demonstrate an exaggerated conformity or propriety, especially in an irritatingly arrogant or smug manner.

I have nothing against the use of proper grammar, just unrequested corrections by a self- deputized member of the Grammar Gestapo.

p.s. Ya gotta love old school propaganda!

Renee Collins said...

Kiersten-Don't be mad!! :) Seriously though, I hesitated with this post because I didn't want to offend you.

Glad I didn't :) And, don't get me wrong, I love me some good grammer. (he he)

Glam-It's true, Grammar Nazis make very useful friends!

Jenni-Thanks. And, I think I'm ready. *nervous smile* As long as you guys aren't expecting too much. :)

Diana-It's funny because, what brought about this essay was a heated discussion on a website over an article that claimed that grammar nazis were "power tripping, control freaks, snobs," and that they had a "childish need to please authorities."

OUCH. That's a much harsher opinion than I have, but I couldn't help but snicker as I read it.

Also, yes, I LOVE old propaganda posters. Especially Chinese Communist. They are so dynamic. SO much fun. :)

Natalie said...

Um, what's grammar? Is that that thing Kiersten always yells at me about?

Anonymous said...

I love good grammer, but I'm not harsh about it. I'm so lazy and impetuous that I make tons of mistakes, especially in my first drafts. Fortunately, my husband is an amazing technical writer and can always be counted on for some good editing.

I like your new photoshop Friday idea. I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Joanne said...

Hm, I think I see an incomplete sentence in your first paragraph. ;)

Just kidding, just kidding!! Cute post.

Kasie West said...

Ah, perfect grammar, the oh so elusive ideal. Yes, I need grammar help. That's why I have proof readers. Thanks, guys. LOL

Kiersten said...

Hey now, I am not a grammar nazi. I have never once come on your blogs and griped about grammar...

You want me to start?

Or, better yet, you want me to never answer your grammar questions again? Hmmmmm?

So there!

Renee Collins said...

Natalie-I think so.

Candice-I make tons of mistakes too. Typos and whatnot. It's pretty bad. But, that's why I love the MoMo's

Joanne-You caught me! I confess to an abiding love for fragment sentences. (Just don't tell the Grammar Nazis!)

Kasie-Elusive! I think that's the perfect word for it. Maybe if the rules of grammar weren't so confusing sometimes, then we would all be better at it.

Kiersten! I would never call you a Grammar Nazi. You are a Grammar Guru. Huge difference. :)

And, please, you've read first drafts of my stories. You know all too well how much I need the help. Don't withdraw your wise council, oh Grammar Guru.

JaneyV said...

When I was about 14 a friend of mine went away for the first month of the summer holidays to what amounts to "Irish Camp" - a totally Irish-speaking area of the country to encourage the spoken word. When she was there I duly wrote her the funniest letter so she wouldn't be homesick. She wrote straight back because we are dear friends and that's what dear friends do. Enclosed with her letter, however, was my letter complete with red pen corrections of my spelling and grammar. My friend went on to be an editor. Some people are just destined for certain professions!

sraasch said...

Those pictures = scary (about how accurate they are).