Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If I don't get more time to write, I am going to disown my family.

Or scream.

Or move back to Ohio.

Um . . . just kidding, any of you family that is reading this. I really do love you. . . *shrugs and smiles*

I just want to write. I need it. Badly. And it wouldn't hurt to be able to check my friends blogs more.

Anyway . . . that's all.


Natalie said...

Ha! Let the woman write! You must be out of sorts to post that:) Hope you get some time soon!

lotusloq said...

I'm so right there with you! I'm constantly getting sidetracked, especially this month. Who needs a Christmas tree anyway? (Whew! We did finally get it up. Yea!) I'm having to snatch my time from the middle of the night. It sure puts a damper on my lucidity during the day though. Haha!

I popped over from Natalie's blog. Looks like you've got fun over here too. Nice to meet you!

Kiersten said...


JaneyV said...

I have such sympathy for you - I really do. The only suggestion I have is that you make a time that belongs to you during the day. No interruptions. Easier said than done though!

Word verification is Santo - I guess you need the patience of a saint to be a Mom!

Joanne said...

I think many of us write less during the holidays, with the increased demand on our time and only so many hours in the day. Hopefully you'll squeeze a little more time in though, to satisfy that craving!

Becca said...

Oh Ren!!

Welcome back to life in Utah and all of the fun AND familial expectations (: Too bad I don't get to see you when your time is being sucked up by the "family". But then again - I am out of the family loop most of the time (: And PS - honestly - "girls night" can be whenever - this saturday or next month - whatev...I agree that you MUST write!! Diana and I were chatting about how internally driven you are to write! Neither of us can ever make it past 3 pages (:

Oh and 1 more PS - I told my class you were coming and there was a excited chatter throughout the class...so its a done deal! My "Writer" sister is coming!! Cheers!

giddymomof6 said...

HAHAHAHHAHAH! I'm saying the SAME thing, except my kiddos are all around me like always, and I have my own computer and I haven't just moved and I'm not living in someone else's house. Sheez! May the force be with you!

Renee Collins said...

Natalie-um . . . yeah, I was a little out of sorts when I wrote this post. Maybe that should be the first sign for me to NOT write on my blog.

Lotusloq-You know, you're right. This is all Christmas' fault! :)

Also, thanks for visiting my blog. I promise I'm not always such a whiner.

Kiersten-I'M TRYING!

Janey-I think you have a real point. Things have been in transition and I really haven't gotten into a routine. When I do, I just need to force the writing time.

Joanne-It's true that Christmas time is crazy. That fact actually gives me hope. Hopefully, in January, things will settle down.

Becca-You know I want to have a girls night out! That's different. (It's really all Mom's fault. j/k)
I hope your class isn't expecting too much. Though, I confess that I am really excited. :)

Jenni-Thanks, I could really use the Force right now. I would just wave my hands over my kids faces and say, "You want to play quietly with those wholesome, educational toys for the next hour." lol :)

Kasie West said...

Renee, yes, you need to write more. I really want you to write more. :) I shouldn't write, I should clean my house, but, clean house .... write .... really, is it a choice?

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I have to clean my house today and cook for our writer's circle. I'm happy we're having it here, but sad to give up the editing time.

Jill Wheeler said...

I hear you. The grading has been eating up all my writing time. By the time I get home from school, I just want to go to sleep. Can you carve out an hour or so for yourself in the afternoon or evening?

cindy said...

*hugs* know how you feel. it's so hard, every priority pulling us all different directions.

i hope you get some zen time to write soon! and surf to your heart's content!!! happy holidays!

Renee Collins said...

Kasie-Thanks, although now I put some blame on you, since I am all into reading your book. :)

Candice-Aw man, now you're making me jealous. I wish I could get together with a writer's circle tonight! (I guess I will soon. Yay!)

Jill-I mean to try. Actually, I have just decided that sleep is now not important. That frees up a whole lot of time. :)

Cindy-Thanks for the hug. And, I think you used the perfect word. Zen. That's how I feel after getting a good thousand or so words done on my WiP. With all of these days passing with no progress, I feel quite out of whack.

Terri Tiffany said...

Don't move back to Ohio--a man at Disney told me how cold it is there now:)) You'll get more time--but probably after the holidays!

Jill Wheeler said...

Well. Sleep is very important. How about bathing? Can you give that up for some extra writing time?