Sunday, November 30, 2008

100 posts of pure, unfettered genius

Yes, folks, it has finally come. The 100th post.

100 posts of joy, sadness, angst, frustration, confusion, giddiness, rage, insecurity, hubris, enthusiasm, and (let's face it) quite a bit on nonsense. (Note: I didn't include pure, unfettered genius in this list because, we all know that I was being sarcastic in the post title. :)

Thanks to all of you who come and visit. I really appreciate you, more than you know. You have all helped me through some of my tough times. You are the best!! Now, as for the whole 100th post gala, well, I know I built it up a bit, but the truth is I haven't anything too fantastic planned. Just a little party. *big grin* And what party would be complete without . . .


Chocolate cake!!!

And OF COURSE . . .

DP *angelic choirs singing*


Since we are all a bunch of writers, and our stories are SO much a part of us, I decided to invite EVERYONE to the party. That's right. I am now hosting, in the comments section, the first annual Midnight Meditations Cast Party. And YOUR main character (or any character really,) from whatever story or novel you choose, is cordially invited to come!

So send him or her in. Have them introduce themselves, and if they feel like it, they can answer one of the following questions:

1. What will you be doing at this party?
2. See anybody you like? Anyone you want to avoid?
3. What's up with you? Why are you acting so weird? (heh heh)

Hope to see you all there!


Natalie said...

Oh please, please let James Keane be at this party! Happy 100 posts, Renee! What a great idea:)

Terri Tiffany said...

Happy 100th!!! My character Eliza will be trying to avoid her stalker Drake!!

giddymomof6 said...

WOW! 100? That's awesome! And what a super fun thing to do! Well, I'm all about Tony Russo right now (my Heroine's Edward/vampire from The Northanger Affect) And since he's in a band, he'll bring them along to jam with us! LOL!

Joanne said...

I'll tell you what pure, unfettered genius is ... that cake! A 2nd slice for me, please.

Natalie said...

Hey, Jane. Can I borrow your golden glowy hand trick for a moment? I need to go introduce myself to James...

Keira Connelly: Okay, the cake is pretty and stuff, but you really should have brought some fruit if you were inviting dragons...all these wedding rings are killing me here!

Stacia Starfall: Where are all the boys? And which ones are single?

Coral Starfall: Stacia! You were supposed to stay home!

Stacia: Yeah, like you could keep me from a party with hot boys. -looks into future- I can see there will be at least a dozen boys, excellent. Oooo, and there's one right now!

-Rune walks into the room, pushes his feathery brown hair from his face to reveal a set of intense teal eyes.-

-Stacia swoons-

-Rune saunters over to the saucy redhead whining about fruit.-

Rune: Hey, love. -Kisses Keira on the cheek-

Stacia: Dangit! ALWAYS taken!

Keira: There's a little human girl staring at you...

-Rune turns to look at the golden blonde girl, who bats her eyelashes wildly and waves. He waves back and laughs.-

Rune: Did you forget how hot I am?

Keira: (mischievous smile) Definitely not. -Kisses him right on the lips-

Stacia: (sighing) I guess I'll just wait for the next one...he's technically a dragon anyway.

Coral: Or you could talk to me.

Stacia: Sorry, sis, I've already seen everything you're going to say to me, and frankly, it's not very interesting in comparison...

-A boy with wheat blond hair comes in with a pack of his friends-

Stacia: See ya later! -skips toward the boys, prepping her best giggles and coy smiles-

Renee Collins said...

Terri-Thanks! And, dang it, I thought I had the bouncer (King)throw Drake out! Don't worry Eliza, we'll take care of it.

Jenni-Tony Russo, huh? He sounds like a cutie. :) And, I'm glad he's here. Tell him that he can get set up on the stage over there. Thanks!

Joanne-Oh yes. When I got that picture off the internet, I nearly wept because it was just an image. Too bad no one has invented Taste-o-vision. :)

Renee Collins said...

Natalie-Hey! You look great. Love that party dress. And I'm glad you brought so many friends.

Keira-Sorry about the jewelry. I forgot. Actually, blame Amy Porter because she's wearing most of it. (Not a wedding ring, of course.) I'll get you some pomegranate, pronto.

Stacia-Yes, I've invited a bunch of cute guys. (Most came with Natalie.)Oh, and hi Coral. :)

Rune-*blushes* Hi . . . hows it going? I um . . . think I need a Dr. Pepper.

Jane said...

Hi guys! Thanks for coming. This is going to be EPIC!

Also, Natalie, trust me, the whole glowy hands thing is not what its cracked up to be. That said, James is pretty hot.

Jetta said...

*stays in the shadows for a moment, watching.*

*then, slowly comes out and grabs a Dr. Pepper. Thinks for a moment, then stuffs her bag with four more.*

*goes back to the shadows, eyeing everyone with mistrust.*

Amy Porter said...

This is the lamest party I've ever been too.

What's with the cheesy balloons? Ugh, my sweet sixteen was SO much better than this.

Keira said...

Thanks, Renee. I appreciate I'm going to go meet that Amy Porter, I'm sure I can slip off that sapphire bracelet no problem.

Rune said...

Careful, love, just the bracelet. -Keira nods and walks off to stuck up-looking girl pouting about balloons-

And hi, Renee. Nice to finally meet you in person. Just wanted to say thanks for pointing out the lameness of the climax in Green Eyes, really gave me my chance to shine.

Keira said...

Yeah, can you believe the balloons, Amy?

-inches closer to the glimmering gems on Amy's wrist-

But that's not the worst part. Look at the punch fountain. How 80s is that?

-Amy laughs, Keira whispers a spells, the gems fall in her hand, she pops them in her mouth and walks back to Rune, blue sapphire residue on her teeth-

Linea said...

-walks casually into the party, scoping out the perfect mark-

-spots a creepy guy hiding behind a fake tree, staring at a nice girl with a name tag that says "Eliza"-

What are we looking at?

-boy turns to her and smiles. readies poisons-

JaneyV said...

Happy 100th Renee - I'm here for the cake. I brought my own tea (DP would cause me to burp and thereby humiliate myself in the presence of all these very cool people).

I hope you don't mind but I've brought Poppy with me. She's the very tall red-head over there looking awkward. I'm trying to teach her how to mingle and make small talk - you know - be sociable. She doesn't really understand what is meant by tact. Oh dear I think she's managed to weird-out that golden glowy girl over there. Probably offered her advice on what to do about her skin condition. Yup Golden Girl is running for the hills and Poppy's looking puzzled. If only Ben would hurry up and get here. He calms her right down. He had to go wash up after all that hard work on the farm today. You'll know him when he arrives; tall, broad-shouldered and tanned, he's a handsome guy but it's his glacier blue eyes and good humour that you'll notice first. Honestly he'll walk in that door and within 30 seconds there'll be a crowd of smiling girls gathered around him. Pity for them he's only got eyes for Poppy. Someone should tell her really.

From the Desk of James Keane said...

Dear Renee,

My apologies--I'm afraid I've got'm attending to right now. Thanks for the invite though, and I'm sure I'll regret missing out on that party dress you no doubt look devastating in. Sure you don't want to trade up from Ben? My offer still stands...


Liz said...

Hey, Renee, great party!

Umm, you didn't happen to invite Jack, did you? No? Oh. Well, no problem.

(mutters to herself: Brilliant. Should have worn the more modest dress. Now I'm gonna get grounded and there was no point to begin with.)

(jumps with surprise, looking in her handbag)

Oh, CRAP! I told you all to stay home! This is a pixie free party. No! NO! Stay away from the Dr Pepper, the LAST thing I want is you caffeinated! Come back here!

(runs chasing wildly after something no one else can see)

Sarah said...

Hi, Renee. Thanks for inviting me. This looked great. Did I say looked? I mean, looks. I haven't seen it before or anything. I mean, uh, well, I'm just going to go stand in the corner with my hands in my sleeves and avoid phyical contact with anyone.

Oh, wait, Will just walked in. Scratch that. I'm just going to go laugh and make out in the corner with him, because we all know I don't mind skin contact with my hotty boyfriend...

Kiersten said...

Wait, why did all of my characters get here before me?? Oh well. Congrats, Renee, I'm glad I've been here for the ride!

Kiersten said...

A young man, dark brown hair, blue eyes, medium height with a lean but well-muscled frame, walks in. He looks like someone you'd meet in your mechanical engineering class in college--but there's something different. Maybe it's the way he moves: oddly graceful, almost as though every movement he's holding back from springing into action. Or maybe it's the way his intense blue eyes take in every single person in the room, evaluating each of them for a split second before moving on. He registers surprise, then quickly and smoothly tucks his still unnoticed gun out of sight underneath his fitted black turtleneck. Flashing a smile, he nods to Renee.

"Looks like a great party. Sorry, wrong story--I've got somewhere else to be."

Natalie said...

Nooooo, James is supposed to be here! I'm not happy with you Kiersten...I'm gonna have to get my wizards to summon him.

Stacia said...

-Pops up next to Sarah, giving her a smug smile-

So, just the future, huh? And headaches too? That's unfortunate.

-Eyes go wide, mind reading occurs-

It seems you have a James problem...would you like to know what he's planning? It's not very nice.

Kiersten said...

(Sarah, moving closer to Will, eyes Stacia suspiciously)

I think we need to leave now.

Stacia said...

Or I could just bring James here, that would sure ruin his plans.

-giggles semi-maniacally-

Kiersten said...

The door flies open. A young girl with short hair streaked red and black bursts into the room and slams the door. Turning, she leans in relief against it. Her right arm is in a cast and a sling. Her dark eyes go wide as she sees she's interrupted a party.

Sliding along the wall, she finds an empty corner obscured by a couch. Renee, ever the good hostess, goes over to introduce herself.

"Oh, hey, I'm Jordan. Umm, could you please not tell anyone I'm here? And have you seen a guy in a black turtleneck?"

Muffled shots ring out in the background. "West," she whispers, horrified. A soft, insistent knock sounds at the door.

"Don't open that," Jordan says, shaking.

Becca said...

Oh are so clever! Seriously - I love your blog!! And I could not be more excited to see you in only 1 week!!!!

Now as for my character...well...her name is "Merecca Lundeshmood"....and she is scoping the party for a likely Prince Charming to come and rescue her from the dismal abyss that is single life right now. Her evil roommate "Shmaryanne Plind" has really been cuttin her grass lately (despite the fact that Shmaryanne recently got back with her true love BF) Still, Shmaryanne is like a baby scorpion...can't stop releasing her "Egyptian Kimmy" venom...and Merecca's latest crush, "Tryan Blackson" seems to be more charmed by Shmaryanne than Merecca. Lamesville! Yes, it's been a bleak week for Merecca.

But she is thrilled to be at your party, and once again gearing up to "query" herself to the public - in hopes of being snatched up by that elusive dream "agent" who is able to resist the apparently irresistable charms of Shamyranne. And Merecca still has a few shreds of hope that this fellow most assuredly awaits her...somewhere...white stallion and all.

And while she waits...she'll have a piece of cake...or maybe she'll just have the whole damn thing! (:

Scrumps Ren!

Renee Collins said...

Hi Janey and hello Poppy. It's nice to meet a fellow tall girl. And, don't worry about golden glow girl (her name's Jane,) she's usually the awkward ones at parties, so it's a refreshing change for her.

*eyes Ben* Whoa.

Coral said...

Stacia! Leave the nice couple alone!

-grabs her sister's arm and pulls the girl back-

Sorry, she's...special and has no filter.

-A gorgeous boy with peridot green eyes enters the party, accompanied by a kind Asian boy with hair that sticks up straight all on its own-

Look, Luke is finally here, and he brought Chris.

-Stacia squeals, then teleports right in front of Chris and hugs him. He glares at Coral.-

Renee Collins said...

Dear James,

I'm sorry you couldn't make it. I know Natalie will be disapointed. And let me tell you, if you could see this dress . . .

But, anyway, I've been meaning to break off contact with you. You're a player. You hit on me with one breath, and try to smooch Natalie with the other. And the worst part is, I know you're heart really belongs to Sarah.


Natalie said...

I'm not sure he has a heart, Renee. And if he doesn't it belong to himself.

Natalie said...

And I can't type today, I better go write...Lily needs attention.

Sarah and Will said...

"Will, all of these people know James. Well, all the girls anyway. No surprise there. We really shouldn't be here. It kind of blows that whole hiding out thing."

"Man, that guy gets around."

"No kidding. Back to Hawaii?"

"Sounds good."

Renee Collins said...

Kiersten! Hi! So glad you came. You look stunning, as usual.

So, I keep seeing these weird people, who I'm pretty sure I've never met. There is this guy in a turtle neck with a gun and this crazy girl with this wild hair. I'm so intrigued, and yet I have a feeling they are up to no good.

Jetta said...

*watches Will and Sarah leave. Glances at the other happy couples: Luke and Coral, Stacia and Chris (well . . . Chris doens't look very comfortable, but still.)*

*Sighs deeply*

Amy Porter said...



Stacia said...

-Pops up next to Sarah and Will...again. Smiling wide, thinking she's being helpful.-

Would you like a teleport to Hawaii? You'd be there about eight hours before James expects you that way.

-holds out her hand-

Jane said...

Oh, hi Liz. You know, you look so familiar. Haven't I seen you somewhere before? Maybe at regional Drama Competition? No? Science Olympiad?

Hmm . . . I'll figure it out. We Middle Strata types need to stick together.

*glances at Liz's bag* What the . . .?

Sarah said...

Sorry, no skin contact for me. And if you try to put the moves on Will, I'll take you down.

Thanks for a lovely time, Renee! Back to hiding.

Amy Porter said...

*glares around, furiosly. Sees Keira and Rune. Her eyes narrow.*

Cedric said...

-dressed as a janitor, Cedric surveys the party, spots Linea bagging up her latest quicken victim, looks to be an unfortunate stalker. A good choice-

-Linea turns, her beautiful porcelain skin gleaming in the tacky twinkling Christmas lights, and gives him the nod and walks off to a nice looking boy with a British accent-

-Cedric grabs the bag of "trash" and makes for the nearest catacomb-

Renee Collins said...

Becca, I'm glad you like the party. :) It's pretty fun to hand out with all these people. They're all a bunch of characters

*du-du-CH!* (drums, cymbal crash)

Shmaryanne sounds like a total wench! Someone needs to take her down. Hmm . . . I will be coming out to Utah soon. *evil grin*

Kiersten said...

"Oh, crap," Jordan whispers as the door opens.

A tall, broad-shouldered man, mid-thirties, peers in. "There you are," he says. "You'll need to come with me right now. You aren't safe."

Jordan stands up slowly, biting her lip. "Yeah, sure. Not safe." She walks timidly up to the man, then knees him, hard, in the groin.

As he doubles over in pain, the young man in the black turtleneck hits him from behind with the butt of a gun.

"West!" Jordan says, almost crying. "I thought you were--"

"Let's go. Now!" He grabs her hand as she steps over the now unconscious body blocking the doorway.

"Thanks, Renee! And congratulations!" Jordan yells over her shoulder as they run off into the night.

Brandon said...

*watches Cedric and Linea*

*leans over to mutter to Rob*

Notice anything funny about those two?

Keira and Rune said...

Keira: Oh, I smell anger, I think that Amy has caught on.

Rune: Let's grab Vai, he'll throw her off the trail.

Renee Collins said...

Kiersten, you tease. :) I sure hope I get to meet those two soon.

Vai Kahele said...

-walks in, shirtless and riddled with traditional Polynesian tattoos-

-sees an angry rich girl making for Keira-

Time to diffuse that situation.

-uses his powers to calm the girl, decides she's pretty enough to talk to as well-

Renee Collins said...

*approaches Brandon*

You know . . . Ben's not going to be here for a while. And, Jane's over there talking to Maris. What do you say you and I go have a little fun?

Renee Collins said...

*leans over to King*

Cover for me, I'll be back in a while.

Linea said...

-Linea curses under her breath. The host has disappeared with her next mark. She scans the room, that big jock looks like a sucker for cleavage...-

Kasie West said...

Hailey: "Holy crap this party is crowded. I didn't dress up or anything. Is my rock t-shirt going to be okay?"

Toby: "If it weren't would you have worn something different?"

Hailey: "No."

Toby: "Hey I see a cute little blonde girl I need to go pick up on. See ya."

Hailey: "Yeah, don't mind me, I'll just stand here awkwardly alone in the corner and try to figure out who all these crazy people are."

Toby: "Okay" he yells over his shoulder.

Kayleigh said...

I heard there was a party over here through Kiersten's blog. I'd contribute to your awesome comments, but I don't have any characters that could join in.

JaneyV said...

Ben walks into the crowded room wearing his usual happy grin. His hair is standing up at all angles having been dragged that way when he took his sweatshirt off over his head. He spies Poppy at the buffet table dropping cake crumbs all over the place. Reversing back she collides with a young man who she mistakes for Ben but then she spots the turtle neck and realises it's someone else.

"Sorry - Oh gosh you've dropped your water pistol. Hang on let me get that for you." Bending down to grab it she inexplicably falls over and he deftly picks up the gun and places it smoothly back underneath his fitted black turtleneck. Smiling down he steps over her and follows a very well covered girl out the back door.

"What a smarmy git!"

"Hey Poppy! What is it with you and floors?" A muscular bronzed arm extends in front of her. "Who was James Bond and why did he knock you over?"

Taking his hand she stands up. "Not a clue Ben. Is it me or are there some really weird people at this party? I mean who was that girl you were talking to? She's even whiter than me - she actually looks dead! And considering I have conversations with a dead person regularly, I should know. To tell the truth she looks even deader than Dotty so I'd go as far to say she looks undead. And what's with the girl with the shiny dermatitis?"

"On the upside - they make you seem normal."

"There's always a silver lining with you, isn't there?"

"Always! You've got chocolate on your face by the way."

Liz said...

Oh, CRAP! Those two are British? They might be able to see the pixie. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Get back here, you little twit!

Jane said...

Hi Hailey!

Yeah, there are tons of crazies at this party. But, we normal people can stick together. *hides her glowing hands behind her back*

By the way, what's up with Toby? Why is he hitting on Amy? Didn't he come here with you? Hmm . . .

Renee Collins said...

Kayleigh-Welcome to the party! It's good to have you come by. :) And don't worry about bringing a character friend. There are plenty of renegades here to hang out with you.

Just steer clear of that big Mr. Clean looking guy, King. He's kind of a jerk.

Ren and Seele said...

(The two Elves look out over the extensive crowd. A leviathan is adeptly seducing a motal, while two other dragons look on, laughing.

A rather ethereal zombie girl is closing in on her mark, while a batch of pixies is over-turning the table of presents.

The poor mortals look confused, all except a curly-haired blonde girl fitted in a Victorian ball gown...she's laughing, having a great time in the chaos.)

Ren: Wow, don't think I've ever seen a gathering like this before...and that's saying something.

Seele: Let's not forget that May Day in 973, that was one killer party.

Ren: True, but there weren't dragons...or zombies.

Seele: At least there aren't any fey here, you know how they like to ruin things.

Ren: I'll take the pixies any day.

(Suddenly the girls in the room spot the brothers, all unable to pull their gazes from their sculpted bodies and perfect faces. As usual, they are all compelled to come meet them.)

Ren: Here they come. (Inwardly curses his natural Elven magnetism)

Seele: This should be an excellent party. (Already picking out the hottest girls.)

Caralina said...

*spots two HOT guys with long hair and kinda pointy ears.*

*under her breath* He-llo.

*puts on her most seductive smile and saunters over to them.*

Kasie West said...

Hailey: "Jane, hey, nice to meet you." She tucks her glowing key pendant beneath her shirt. "Toby? He's harmless. And no, we're not together. He's just a friend. Oh my..." her mouth falls open as she sees him across the room. "It can't be." She practically runs to him. "Jeremiah?"

Jeremiah: Looks around in a daze. "Do I know you? And how did I get here. One minute this girl with curly blonde hair in a fancy dress appears out of nowhere. The next thing I know she grabs hold of my arm and I'm here."

Stacia said...

-Stacia winks at Hailey, mouthing "you're welcome" as she skips off to meet the two hot Elves that just walked in.-

Liz said...

Oh. My. Gosh. Forget Jack, who on earth are those two?


I totally have a chance with WAY they go to Durango, they'll have no idea that I'm a total nerd!

JaneyV said...

Poppy comes face to face with two incredibly beautiful young men. Overhearing their accents she says
"Oh English guys! Why are you in this neck of the woods? Star Trek Convention?"

Ben says nothing - he's too busy wiping the tears from his eyes and trying not to look like he's laughing.

"What? What did I say?"

Ren and Seele said...

(Seele laughs at the clumsy British girl, she's just adorable. So many shy violets...always the most entertaining in the end.

Truly, he's having a hard time picking from such an excellent selection. Mortals, with all their curves, always made for a good time.

Across the room, Seele spots a sullen dark-haired girl and gasps.)

Seele: Ren, you said she wouldn't be here!

(Ren looks over to Adrienne and their eyes meet. She gives him just the smallest smile. He struggles to breathe.)

Ren: I swear I didn't know!

(Seele spots a gorgeous Latina amongst the crowds of girls. That's it—she's first in line tonight, and she looks willing.)

Seele: You get a pass tonight, and you can thank...

(grabs the Latina gently around the waist and she introduces herself as Caralina)

Seele: You can thank Caralina.

(Ren smiles and makes his way towards Adrienne. All the other girls weep.)

Kiersten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liz said...

Figures. Now I don't even know anyone, and I'll just stand here all awkward. Like usual. This sucks. At least the pixie went home when I threatened it with my dad.

Liz said...

Wait a second--holy crap, who is THAT?

Chris said...

(While Stacia is still distracted with the hot elves, who are ignoring her like most guys do, Chris sees a girl fiddling with her bag like she's checking to make sure there's nothing bad in it. At this party, it wouldn't be a surprise if some kind of demon popped out of it.

He walks over to her, and she smiles shyly, her eyes, everything about her really, ooze intelligence. Chris likes that—he's always like the smart ones.)

Chris: Crazy party, huh.

Smart Girl: If by crazy you mean completely normal. You don't think this is normal?

(Chris laughs. Smart AND funny. He hold out his hand.)

Chris: I'm Chris.

Girl: I'm Liz. (She blushes and takes his hand)

Chris: Care to dance? (She nods)

James Keane said...

Flashing his trademark smile, James walks into the room like he owns the place. Odds are, he does.

"Ren, Ren, Ren, look at you!" He puts his arms around her waist, looking her up and down. Then, leaning in right next to her ear, he says in a low voice, "Are you sure your husband appreciates you? Because I don't see how he could possibly be deserving of this."

While Renee blushes furiously, James scans the room. "Great party. Hey, I heard some friends of mine were here. Pretty brunette named Sarah?"

Renee, distractedly pondering James' chiseled jaw and the proximity of, well, his entire body, nods. "Yeah, with her boyfriend, Will?"

The jaw she so admired clenches as James' face briefly clouds in anger. "Still here?"

"No, they left a little while ago." Renee smiles at him, wondering just how mad Natalie will be that James wasn't hitting on her.

"Pity. I've been looking for them." He looks back down at her and smiles, tracing a finger along her cheek. "Still, can't say the evening was wasted. You really do look great." Leaning in again, he whispers, "And I meant that about the whole husband thing...monogamy is completely overrated if it means girls like you go off the market."

With a final flash of his gorgeous smile, James turns and leaves.

Kiersten said...

Honestly, Renee, did you REALLY just let James hit on you? Shouldn't you know better?

Liz said...

Hmmm...forget the long-haired weirdos. This Chris is cute...and funny. Kinda reminds me of Sam.

Why on earth am I thinking about Sam right now? Weird.

"So, I've got to admit--I am the worst dancer in the world. Honestly, I've got this big plaque and trophy and everything. Takes up a whole wall in my room."

Stacia said...

Stacia spots that James fellow—just as gorgeous as they all claim, even if he's too old for her. He's leaving, and she knows exactly why.

The second he's out the door, Stacia teleports right in front of him. Instead of jumping, James just smiles, like he knew she'd do that. She puts her hands on her hips and glares at him.

James pulls out a business card, "You seem useful."

"You won't find them. It won't be pretty for you if you keep looking," Stacia says as she flicks her wrist and incinerates the card.

"And how do you know?" James answers, looking only slightly perturbed over his singed fingers.

"Silly James," Stacia giggles. "I know everything."

Kiersten said...

Grinning slightly, James tilts his head. She hadn't seemed like much of a challenge, but this could be interesting.

"What am I thinking right now, then?"

Chris said...

Chris smiles at Liz as they spin awkwardly, both so bad at dancing they actually go quite well together.

"I thought I recognized you! I came in second for that competition."

Liz laughs, and Chris mentally thanks Coral and Luke for making him come.

Liz said...

"Sorry, when I really set my mind to something, I usually win." Liz smiles at him, wondering whether or not she should set her mind to winning him...she'd always had a thing for Asians.

Stacia said...

Stacia grinned wide at James. He probably thought he could throw her off, that she got lucky knowing about his plans to hunt Sarah and Will. She could see into his mind even now, that he assumed she'd stick to that vein of "guesses."

But Stacia Starfall really did know everything—she was THE Mentalist, after all. Mind games were her specialty.

"This is the finest silk conjured money can buy," Stacia said as she pulled out her wand. "But if you insist on calling it ugly..."

Stacia swished her wand. Her ornate pink dress shrunk and twisted around her until it had morphed into a knee-length, indigo halter that showed off her budding chest.

"Better?" She spun around so he could see every angle. James gave up just the smallest smirk.

"Much better." James walked past her then, heading to the expensive black car idling in the parking lot. He paused just one moment, "I guess you'll know where to find me."

"Yup." Stacia teleported back to the party.

Renee Collins said...

I . . . okay, yes, I did let James hit on me. I wasn't planning to, I swear.

But, he's just so . . .*eyes glaze over dreamily*

Amy Porter said...

*to Caralina*
Who is that little tramp that's running around, flirting with all the guys? She keeps smiling as if she knows something I don't.

Caralina said...

*rolls eyes*

Why? Are you jealous?

You know what? I'm going back to talk to that hottie, Seele. We're two Dr. Peppers away from ditching this place and finding something more interesting to do.


Renee Collins said...

*Suddenly, the door to the basement bursts open. A young man limps out. He is wearing torn rags, and broken chains hang from his wrists. His face is covered with dirt. There is a crazed look in his eyes.*

Tristan said...

*his left eyelid twitches*

Why wasn't I invited to this party, Renee?

Renee Collins said...

*horrified* Tristan!!

How did you get out of the dungeon?

Kiersten said...

LOL, Renee!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness! Poor Tristan! LOL.

Looks like my characters went on a rampage while I was writing...not that I'm surprised.

Natalie said...

Arg, and of course I MISS James. Just my luck...

Toshiro Ito said...

Toshiro reaches out to open the door, but Stu grabs his hand before he can open it.

"Are you sure we were invited?" Stu asks nervously, adjusting his perfectly sewn Jedi master robes.

"Dude, I told you a thousand times, we're invited!" Tosh says.

"It's just...we're not usually invited," Eddie chimes in, leaning heavily on his staff, his ample gut making his wizard's garb stretch strangely around the middle.

Tosh sighs, knowing that was certainly a valid statement. "Do you want me to check first?"

Stu and Eddie nod nervously.

"Fine." Tosh pulls his black mask over his face and runs around to the back of the building like a silent cobra. He quietly disarms a window and slips inside before the crowd notices.

As he looks around, Tosh bursts out laughing. Clad head-to-toe in ninja garb, he walks through the middle of the party, passing a boy dressed straight from a Disney movie and speaking like he's royalty, and pushes the front door open for his friends.

"Come in, you dorks," Tosh says. "I think we might look normal in here."

Jordan said...

The girl with her arm in a sling pokes her head inside the door, noting the still unconscious form of the man who was looking for her.

"Umm, someone might want to take care of that. Hey, Renee--just wanted to say thanks--now not only do we have names, but we have a kickin' first chapter! Look at you, inspiring Kiersten! Okay, gotta go."

Renee Collins said...


*cracks open another Dr. Pepper.*

Don't stop!!! I want to read it ASAP. :)

Liz said...

Umm, Chris? We've been dancing for like eight hours. Time to go home, I think. Looks like everyone else already left.

JaneyV said...

*Poppy, sitting in the corner drinking DP.*

"Where'd everybody go? Have I been dreaming again?"

*Ben, twiddling one of her stray curls.*

"Nope this actually all happened in real time right here and as far as I know neither of us are related in any way to any of them. I think the party's over. Time to go home...."

"Ah! Any idea how we got here?"

Jane said...

*mutters under her breath to Renee*

When are these people ever going to leave?

Renee Collins said...

sheesh, I know.

Those dragons are still partying on the roof. The zombies have killed, like, two guests. There are way too many high schoolers here, who are probably well past curfew.

But . . . it was quite a party.

Jane said...


You can say that again.

Renee Collins said...

It was quite a party.

Jane said...

*rolls her eyes*

Anonymous said...

Andi shows up to the party after it's already over...typical. She doesn't like crowds, and she's a little bit shy, so maybe it's all for the best. As she leaves to go home, she notices a tall, dark man wearing sunglasses across the street, but why would he be wearing them at night, she wonders?

Awesome party Renee! I'm so sad I missed it. I was holed up trying to finish my book!! And still I'm a day late and a chapter short. Seriously though, this post and this party were pure unfettered genius!

Renee Collins said...

*holding a trash bag, gathering up empty Dr. Pepper cans*

Oh . . . hi Candice and Andi. You guys are . . . a little late.

But that's okay. I think there are still some sodas in the fridge, and if you can believe it, the dragons are still up on the roof. So, *shrugs* you know.

Jane said...

*hanging out on the couch with Brandon.*

So . . . shouldn't we add some more comments. You know . . . to take it to 100.

Brandon said...

It would be appropriate.

100th post, 100 comments.

Jane said...

Alright then. Let's do it!

Brandon said...


Jane said...

*slapping high five with Brandon.*

We rock.