Thursday, August 7, 2008

Done, baby

Well, ladies and gents, tonight I finished Newy, or as I really call it: Miss Midas.

I feel very excited, very nervous to have people read it, and very very very loopy. I need sleep. It is late here. Too late. (hey! now that I am done I can sleep again. sleeeeeeeep . . . sleeeeeep)

Here are the final stats:

Words: 63,627

Chapters: 29

Amazingness: Off the charts, baby. Off the charts.

Told you I was in a loopy mood. A blog is a dangerous thing in the hands of someone who is seriously sleep deprived. I'm off to bed.


Kiersten said...

I am SO excited!!

I can't believe it! How long were you working on Tristan, and how long did Miss Midas take you?

By the way, I know I said this in my email, but seriously, I'm already in love with the title. SERIOUSLY COOL.

I'm so excited to read it. And I'm so proud of you!

Natalie said...

Go Renee! I can't wait to get into this. I'll have it done before we meet so we can all gab about our books:)

Renee Collins said...

Thanks guys!

When I woke up this morning, the first thought I had was utter dread. I ran over all the potential flaws that you two will find. I agonized over the four or five swear words in the text (sorry about those. When I was writing them, I really did stress over whether or not they were necessary. Obviously, I'm still not sure.)

Anyway, since this morning I have mellowed a little, but I am still very nervous.

At the same time, I am so excited to be done. I already want to start writing the query. How's that for enthusiasm? :P

It's just so different from Tristan, because with that book, after the solid year it took me to write, I immediately knew of several very signigificant changes I needed to make. I knew I was months and months away from submission.

With Midas . . . who knows. Maybe I can send her out before Christmas. :)

Renee Collins said...

Oh, and Kiersten, I am so pleased that you like my title. :) :) :)

Natalie said...

No worries Renee, it's so fun so far. And how could you think I would have a problem with a few swear words? lol. You read Bound:P

Renee Collins said...

*chews finger nervously*

I just did a word search and there are actually 14 swear words.

Sorry, I am somewhat liberal when it comes to damn and hell. And, there are four "a words".

Maybe I am stressing because my little sisters want to read it. I guess they are sixteen, but in my eyes they are still eleven.

Kiersten said...

Umm...sorry Renee, I got to that first H-E-Double Hockey Sticks and I had to stop. My poor, innocent eyes couldn't take it.

Just kidding. There wasn't anything offensive, you goof.

So, do I get a prize for being the first one to finish??

Loved it. Sent you an email. Can't wait to talk.

Natalie said...

Stinking fast reader. I just finished it, sent you an email.

Renee Collins said...

You guys are THE bomb.

Brady Frost said...

Congrats Renee!!!

Renee Collins said...

Thanks Brady. Long time no see. :)