Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Caralina Guerrero

I haven't really searched for any of the characters in my book, but I kept seeing the Covergirl commercial with Ana de la Reguera and saying, "There's Caralina." So, I found a pic of her and thought I'd show you a fairly accurate depiction of Jane's rival. You can see now why she was worried.


Natalie said...

I'd be terrified.

Renee Collins said...

I looked around for the others, but I didn't find any that satisfied me.

Where do you look for picture, Natalie?

Natalie said...

I typed in teen actors once and got a site called teenidols4you or something. It's not an awesome site, but it had a good amount of teens on there. Good place to start, at least.

It's pretty tedious to try and find people, so you're warned:)