Friday, May 30, 2008

It's official

Well, my little quiz has ended, and the votes have been counted (hanging chads included.)

I guess I am not the only writer in the world not to own a laptop, but pretty close. 1 out of 5 shared my predicament.
*sigh* I suppose I shouldn't complain. Our big, clunky Dell works fine. True, Microsoft Word has unremovable adware that makes it impossible to start it without a time consuming, complex series of steps. And true, our internet creeps at a snails pace. But, still, it all works.

Don't ask me why I think a laptop will be so amazing. I guess it's mainly because I imagine that I could get a little writing done upstairs while the kids played. They hate the basement. It's really not baby proofed, and there are no toys, no TV. Yet, if I go downstairs and leave them alone, they whine. So, ideally, I could be logging an hour of writing during the day in addition to my nightly two-three hours. Ideally, of course.


Natalie said...

Yeah, that's why I got mine, and I must be honest, it is very nice to sit on the couch and bang out a few pages than to sit at a desktop.

Perhaps that is why I'm so productive.

Kiersten said...

Laptops ARE amazing. That's all there is to it.

Renee Collins said...

Hey, thanks for making me feel better that I don't have one.

J/k. Actually, I comfort myself with the knowledge that I will get one soon. Maybe in a year, when we have a real income. Until then, I have the good old Dell to keep me company. Bugs and all.

For when I do get a laptop, which kinds do you guys have, and would you recommend them?

Kiersten said...

We have a Compaq. We got it right when they were coming out with an updated model, so we got a $700 laptop for like $400 through rebates. It's wide screen, really fast, pretty much awesome. I love it.

But my dad is a techno-guy and computer programmer, so I called him to figure out what RAM and gig and all that other nonsense was good.

Natalie said...

I'm a Mac girl all the way. I have a MacBook, though someday when I make it big I WILL have a Powerbook. And I will probably stroke it every night before bed.

Now that they have word on Mac as well as Intel processors, it's just better all around. Macs also come with stellar software straight from the box. I've been able to make slideshows and movies and all that jazz with no extra program purchasing.

If you do go Mac, if you or hubby are in school the educational discount is about the best you can get for Mac.

I think mine was worth every extra penny over a PC:)