Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Big, Huge, Awesome RELIC Pre-Order Contest!

****There has been a slight change in rules. It's now even easier to enter! See below*****

August is here! And for me, that means one incredible thing: Relic comes out THIS. MONTH. And so, it’s time for my Big, Huge, Awesome Relic Pre-Order Contest!

Why am I so excited about this contest? Because EVERYONE who enters can get a prize! And it’s a really-really-cool-omg-i’m-so-excited-to-show-you prize.

So, as you may know, in the world of Relic, fantasy creatures like the dragon and mermaid once existed, but are now long extinct. Their bones, however, retain their magical properties. These relics are a rare, precious commodity that are mined and traded and sold around the world.

In my book, the characters occasionally consult a relic almanac, a field guide of sorts, that lists, identifies, and catalogues the many relics out there. From the beginning, I  dreamed about letting you all see a peek inside one of these texts. And now, thanks to the AMAZING talents of Jared Rawle (a fantastic new artist I suspect we will be seeing much more from soon), you can all have an authentic relic almanac page of your own!

Here is just a tiny peek at one page:

Intrigued?? Wait until you see the whole thing! Each one truly is a work of art.

For my pre-order contest, EVERY PERSON that enters will be sent their own digital relic almanac page!

There are eight pages, with eight different fantasy creatures. I won’t say which ones, because I want it to be a surprise! Also, the distribution of pages will be proportionate to the distribution of relics in Maggie’s world, so you’re more likely to get one of the common creatures, but you could get lucky and get a rare one!

Which relic will YOU get?

But there’s more! By entering the Relic Pre-Order Contest, you will be eligible to win one of three fantastic prize packages!

2nd Prize: A set of ALL EIGHT relic almanac pages, printed and signed by me and my amazing artist, Jared!

1st Prize: A printed, signed set of all eight relic almanac pages AND a gorgeous, handmade relic amulet!

Grand Prize: A printed, signed set of all eight relic almanac pages, a handmade relic amulet, AND a $50 Amazon Gift Card!!

You’re wondering, how do I enter? It’s an easy, two-step process:(***Now even easier***)

1. Pre-order Relic!

Both paper and ebooks count. You can do that at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, Books-A-Million or The Book Depository. If you’ve already pre-ordered Relic, you are (of course!) eligible.

2. Enter the Rafflecopter below! *OR* send a short email to letting me know you've pre-ordered Relic!

***It's that simple! You no longer need to show proof of purchase, unless you win one of the three main prizes, (in which case, I will verify that you bought it when you said you did, only since the prizes have monetary value.)***

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Note 1: If you enter with the Rafflecopter, you will still need to send an email to, if you want your digital relic amulet page. But remember, no proof or purchace. It can be a simple, "Hey! I ordered Relic today!" or "I ordered Relic six weeks ago." etc. 

And to be clear, it's not required to email if you don't care for an almanac page. You can just stick with the Rafflecopter, if you choose.**

Note 2: Given the craziness of my schedule, it may take me a little while to get the almanac pages to you, but don’t despair! I promise it will come!

Note 3: Due to the high rate of shipping to international locations, the First Runner Up and Grand Prize are open to US residents only. HOWEVER, you are still eligible for the Second Runner Up prize of all eight relic amulet pages, printed and signed. AND international entrants will definitely get their digital relic almanac page, as promised!

And there’s one other way to get extra entries. Once you’ve received your amazing, beautiful relic amulet page: spread the word! Tweet which relic almanac page you got, using the hashtag #MyRelic and a link to this blog post. For example:

I pre-ordered RELIC by Renee Collins, and #MyRelic is a dragon! *link*
#MyRelic is a Yeti! Pre-order RELIC by Renee Collins to see what YOU get! *link*

Throughout the contest, I’ll make note of the tweets in the #MyRelic hashtag, and make sure to assign extra special bonus points accordingly.

And that’s the contest! I hope you will all enter! There are some fantastic prizes. And admit it, you’re curious which relic you will get and what amazing powers it will bring you. Your life may change forever!!!


J.R. Johansson said...

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I am so excited for it to be out in the world!

Now...I shall go tell everyone about it. :P

Michelle D. Argyle said...

This is fun! I'm so dirt broke right now that I won't be preordering the book YET, but I want to get it so bad! So it's the first thing on my to-buy list. :)

Yay!!!!! So glad it's almost here!!! :D

Christina K. said...

I ordered Relic months ago!!

LOVE the cover too:)

Here's my facebook link:

Thank you:)

vuorg said...

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I am so excited for it to be out in the world!

NIKE said...

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