Thursday, March 4, 2010

In which I break my bloggy silence to be cliche

So yeah, I haven't been around for a while. I won't bother you with my various reasons why, though I assure you they are really valid . . . promise.

Anyway, what could have prompted me to post now? I'll tell you, but I warn that I'm just going to be jumping on a bandwagon and not offering anything new or incredibly insightful.

No, I'm going to rave about Avatar.

I know, I know, I'm probably one of the last people on Earth to see this movie. Literally. I mean, Palestinian protesters, in remote desert regions where electricity is probably hard to get saw it before me.
But anyway, I finally saw it. And LOVED it. It's not every day that after watching a movie you feel more like you experienced it. With the INCREDIBLE special effects and fantastic world building, it's hard not too. In fact, I remember reading about people who suffered from depression after watching Avatar because Pandora doesn't actually exist, and they can never go there. That says something, my friends.

So, um, I don't really have any writerish tie ins or conclusions to make. In fact, I felt that the story itself wasn't the movie's strong point. But seriously, who cares? I was too busy staring at the screen with my eyes bugged.

So yeah. I guess in conclusion I'll just put up this pic. (I did warn you in the post title that I was going to be cliche.)


Jessie Oliveros said...

You were NOT the last person to see that movie because I still haven't seen it. I keep pronouncing it wrong, though. Maybe I should at least know how to say it before I see it. Percy Jackson is easy. I can say that. I saw that one last weekend.

Kara said...

I still haven't seen it! Too many on my list now, with Shutter Island and Alice in Wonderland out...

Natalie Whipple said...

I still haven't seen it either.

Renee Collins said...

lol, well it seems I wasn't as behind as I thought. :)

You guys should go see it!! In 3-D if you can. It really is a fantastic experience.

Tanisha said...

i also haven't seen it. i keep hearing that it's wonderful from some people, then that it's overrated from others and too political. i doubt that i'll even catch on the political undertones though, i ususally just accept movies for the stories they tell and try to not to look into it too much. same thing with The Golden Compass criticism... i still don't see the correlation between the story and religion. i've never been good at underlying messages. anyway, i've been wondering about the 3-D experience. i thought it would be annoying to watch an entire movie with those glasses on. you didn't find it distracting?

Rebecca said...

"I see you" Ren ;)

It my fave storyline...and I loved how the two people from "different world" - the star crossed lovers actually get to be happy ever after...sigh! ;)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I loved, loved, loved this movie! Oh, so good. :-)

Jade said...

A few times during the movie I realised that my mouth was hanging open. I was literally gaping!

Candice said...

I haven't seen it either (you're not better than me, Jessie). But I do hear great things. It probably won't be the same on the small, small, small screen (my tv) as it is on the "big screen."

Renee Collins said...

Tanisha-You know, the political message/agenda/whatever you want to call it was there, but I honestly didn't mind much. I didn't feel like it was overkill. And truly, the spectacular visuals make the movie worth watching regardless.

Also, the 3-D was a little hard to get used to at first, but maybe fifteen minutes in I didn't notice it or the glasses anymore.

You should go see it!!

Becca-lol, I might have know that you would gravitate to that part of the story. :)

I loved it too, though. Any romance in a sci-fi movie is much appreciated.

Shannon-Amen, amen! :)

Jade-Seriously, me too! At the end, as the credits started to roll I was totally speechless.

Candice-You really should try to see it on the big screen if you can. It's so amazing. I actually called my twin sister yesterday to say "Don't wait for it to come out on video! See it in the theaters!"

MT said...

Hey, welcome back! Whatever your reasons for not blogging - I'm thinking February was a very 'reason loaded' month for a lot of people! I'm glad you liked Avatar. :)
Michelle Teacress