Monday, October 12, 2009

A Big Bottle of Crazy Sauce

So remember how I was celebrating my triumph of finishing my "last big edit?" Remember? Yeah *sigh* me too.

Well apparently I have a love of self-torment, because folks, I'm doing another one! And not just any run-of-the-mill hard edit, I'm changing my entire story in first person, present tense.

(Like I said, CRAZY SAUCE!)

The reasons why are many. I think it adds to the immediacy of the story, and it better delves into the head of my main character, Jetta. My story has a lot of action, so I felt like it needed a pulse. FPP does that quite well. Only problem being that it's a HUGE amount of work.

It's more than changing over the "she said's" to "I say's." Much more. I've found myself rewriting entire scenes. In fact, I don't think a single page has gone by so far where I haven't reworked at least one whole paragraph in addition to the tense and POV changes.

But you may ask, do you think it will be worth it?

My answer: oh yeah, baby.

(Does that sound cocky to say? Sorry, it's one in the morning, and I have a strange habit of being unreasonably confident in the middle of the night.)


Miriam S.Forster said...

Holy Crazy Sauce Batman!!!

Go you!

Look at it as writing practice. Even if this book doesn't end up anywhere, you'll have mad first person skills.

storyqueen said...

Wow. You.Are.Brave.

I have changed perspective in two books. In one, after I'd finished a couple of chapters, it made me realize how much I liked it the other way better.

In the second, the words just flew from my fingers. The voice was just so much stronger!

Good Luck,(and go easy on the Crazy Sauce).


Natalie said...

I'm so impressed! I have a trunked novel that needs the perspective changed from first person to third person. I am not brave enough to go there. Good for you.

Natalie Whipple said...

You can do it, Ren! And yes—it's AWESOME in FPP. I still remember the chills:)

So I don't even think you're crazy.

sraasch said...

Go, Ren, go! If your story demands it, it shall be awesome :)

Renee Collins said...

Miriam-Very true. This book has been a learning in experience in many realms.

Shelly-Well, I wouldn't be so brave, I didn't want to be brave, but I've been having a similar experience to your second book. The voice just clicks. I feel like I'd be doing my book an injustice not to make the change.

Natalie-It's much harder to get up to motivation for all that work with a trunked novel. In fact, I've thought about changing this book over for a while now, but I held off because I went through this long stage of feeling like I was going to trunk it anyway.

Natalie-Thanks. :) I'll be counting on you to see if the whole thing works.

Sara-he he, very true. I think this is definitely a case of my "writer's intuition" bugging me and bugging me until I made the right choice.

JaneyV said...

Renee - crazy or genius? Hmmm?

I changed WIP1 from FPP to third because I hated the voice. I think I needed much more practice at writing before taking on First. But I do love reading it so GO FOR IT!

I loves me some crazy sauce!

Kasie West said...

That is so funny, I have a habit of being unreasonably confident late at night too. It's when I get my best writing done and it's when I now write my blog posts (and schedule them to publish the next morning).

Now as far as changing to FPP, yes, you have swallowed something and it's gotta whole lot of crazy, guts, and self-torture in it. Good luck. It will be awesome I am sure.

melane said...

I am in awe. I don't think I would have the heart to tackle something like that, but I still have to finish my WIP. Good Luck!

Diana said...

Ren’s book: What’s with you?

Diana: Searcher… you are just so different these days.

RB: BOO-YA! I know, I am better, fitter, and hotter than ever!

D: But I loved you when you were just a draft, with all these changes…I just feel like I’m not good enough for you anymore!

RB: Sorry Doll Face, but I am going places with my life! I’m gonna be huge! Look at you, the house is a mess! Have you put on make-up today? Is that your third can of DP?

D: (runs off, sobbing) I feel like I barely know you anymore!

Renee Collins said...

Janey-"Crazy or genius?" Only time will tell. :)

Kasie-Yes, there's something about late night. I think the tiredness impairs my reason or something. :)

Melane-Well, I almost didn't have the heart to do it. One month ago, I wouldn't have. But now, so so close to the end, I feel like I owe it to my story.

Diana-It seems I'm not the only one who has seen the cruel, emotionally abusive side of Searcher. But now he messes with my sister?? That's it. He's SO sleeping on the couch tonight.

Jessie Oliveros said...

After about a quarter of my book I decided to change to first person, present, and I know what you mean about changing entire scenes to fit.

Good luck. But after this, put a cap on the crazy sauce and query that baby!

Lady Glamis said...

Renee! I think it's awesome that you know your work well enough to know what it needs. So GO YOU! And Natalie says these changes are freaking amazing. So even more awesome!

Cristina said...

Hi Renee,

I've done the exact that and had a teacher that told me that it was an excellent thing to do to a story even if you are going back to the original POV. It does make you see the characters in a whole new way. I do it with practically ever story I write and I've done it with my novel.

I found my way to your blog through Linda Cassidy Lewis's blog roll. Great blog!