Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ala ka'SLAM!

The title to my post is how I feel right now. Okay . . . it's cheesy, but you get the picture. Point is, I am feeling really good right now! Great, in fact!

As you may know, I moved recently and my entire schedule went out of wack (sp?). Everything went out of wack. Well there was this one little thing that I used to do, pretty much daily before, that has fallen by the wayside. What is that thing?

Making notes in my Moleskine.

Oh yes, my beloved Moleskine. Almost as good as a laptop, and coming from me, that is saying A LOT. For those of you unfamiliar with my little gem of a notebook, here is a picture. Beautiful, isn't it? You should try it. They are awesome. Anyway, I used to make notes and plot out things in this little book every day, often several times a day. Well, for whatever reason, I hadn't even taken it out since I got here. NO WONDER my writing was going kind of slow. *slaps forehead.*

Anyway, yesterday morning I pulled it out and started making notes and ALA ka'SLAM!!! The plot started pouring into my brain faster than I could write it. I then took some writing time yesterday afternoon, and BOOM!!!! I was off like a rocket, and once again madly, madly in love with my story.

*satisfied sigh* Oh, it feels so good. Now, I have the story almost plotted to the end. And, it's going to be SO fun to write. I literally can't stop thinking about it/writing notes in my Moleskine/blabbing to my husband about it. WOO HOO! I am on a roll. :)


Kiersten said...

YAY! Go go go!

Jill Wheeler said...


I know how you feel! I just finished editing! Still wanna read DRAWN TO YOU?

Natalie said...


Ren, I'm so happy! I was stressing over you cuz you got me hooked and then stopped! Go! Write! I'll keep using lots of exclamation points to emphasize how happy I am!

Renee Collins said...

Thanks guys. :) I am feeling light as a feather. A WiP love. It's great, isn't it?

Jill-YES, I still want to read Drawn to You! Send it on over! My email is on my profile.

Natalie-Aw shucks, that makes me feel even happier. :)

Joanne said...

You're back in the zone! There's something to be said about putting actual pen to paper, the physical art of writing. I like the looks of that moleskin, it has a serious writerly look to it. Happy writing, and Happy New Year, all best.

Anonymous said...

I love that feeling! I had a couple of days like that this week, where everything was just flowing, and I wrote 8,000 words in three days, which, for me, is a lot! Congratulations. Isn't it funny how easily we forget those little things that keep the inspiration coming? Glad you found yours again. :)

Jill Wheeler said...

Mwah! I kiss you! Keep writing! Stay in the zone!

JaneyV said...

I tried to use a notebook that I could carry around with me but it was just too small. I need something A5 - A4. How big is your Moleskine? It certainly has an attractive look and satisfying feel to it. [I think all creative pursuits should be multi-sensory].

I am so pleased you're back on a roll. Moving put me outa whack for a good six months. You're a quick recoverer.

Now get writing - your MS is calling you.....

Kasie West said...

Awesome. Go, Renee, go! :)

Diana said...

ala ka'Slam!! lol that brought back a rush of mems!!
I am not surprised you had this rush...cause YOU are the real deal Ren! I knew this long long the summer we were 10 and I read Baby Sitters Club book 17 and you read the complete works of Shakespeare. You have a gift!

Oscar Wilde once said:
“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.”

You have the skills and drive, so I am not surprised at this result. Keep it up or I will give you one false crack :)

Renee Collins said...

Hey, I've was out of town for two days. Anyway . . .

Joanne-It's so true. I think that actually writing about my story made the ideas flow.

Candice-These are the best times, aren't they? They are the times that keep me in love with writing.

Jill-Well, I went out of town, so I couldn't write (grr) BUT I am still in the zone. :)

Janey-The Moleskine is about 6' tall and 4' wide. So, cute and purse sized. I highly recomend them. They just feel writerly.


Diana-Oh, you are too nice. I remember (and always will remember) Rosaline! You've got the skills too. Although, after reading my email today, I can see that you are outrageously talented in other things as well. :)

lotusgirl said...

Rolls are good things to be on!