Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Quick Disclaimer

Bear in mind, all who happen upon this post (because I assume that at this point, my readership probably amounts to people who happen here by chance, with perhaps the two or three repeat visitors. My husband doesn't even regularly read my blog. Pretty pathetic, I know.)
At any rate, to any and all who chance upon this site, I offer my apologies for the rough beginnings. I was glancing at this blog and noticed that I am writing the kind of posts that no one wants to read, long winded and no interesting pictures.
Sorry. This whole site it still a work in progress. I promise it will get better as I play around with themes and such.
Anyway, I just had to say that. Moving on to a brighter, better blog!

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Brady Frost said...

The most important part of writing your blog is that you write it the way you feel comfortable writing and on a regular basis. It is normal to start out slow. Some days I feel like I might be wasting an awesome blog entry idea since I doubt anyone will stop by to read it. That kind of thinking won't get us anywhere. You can always write your entry and make it the best it can be and then link to it later with a related topic entry. If you write today about a disappointment and then in a month you have a breakthrough you can always create a reflection post and show how things worked out by linking to the old post and explaining the events that made everything okay.

Keep visiting other blogs and posting comments and make your way to some forums with your blog address in your signature. You never know, your helpful post could gain you a few extra repeat visitors. :)